Illegal Immigrants: Obama Heckled By Activist During Hispanic Caucus Speech

President Barack Obama was heckled by an illegal immigrants activist during his Hispanic Caucus speech Thursday. Blanca Hernandez, identified as an “undocumented activist” yelled “We need relief now” to President Obama twice during the group’s annual gala. Hernandez was reportedly ushered out of the event by security officers. She was reportedly upset that illegal immigrants are still being deported by the Obama administration.

The Hispanic Caucus gala attendees were told by the president that his use of “presidential powers” to act on illegal immigration is “not a question of if, but when.” Obama went on to state that his actions on immigration reform will spark significant political backlash and could ultimately threaten the durability of what he does during his remaining time in office. “If anybody wants to know where my heart is, or whether I want to have this fight, let me put those questions to rest right now: I am not going to give up this fight until it gets done.”

Those opposed to President Obama’s illegal immigration reform plan lambast what they deem partisan attacks on Republicans over the matter. The most common retort to complaints that Republicans are to blame for the president not getting his reform desires realized relates to Obama’s first years in office. When President Obama was first elected he had a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate – a political break-up would have made it significantly easier to pass an illegal immigration bill, according to critics on both sides of the controversial issue.

“The president’s promise isn’t about making the best policy or enforcing the law – it’s an admission that his pledge to not uphold the law in the future would be bad for his party now,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican – Kentucky) said. Two illegal immigrants rode to the Hispanic Caucus annual gala with President Obama. “I want to give a special thanks to two young men who rode over with me from the White House tonight. Luis and Victor are CHCI [Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute] interns and fellows. They are also dreamers, living and working in the country they call home, and making it a better place for all of us,” The United States President said during the event.

New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez said Hispanics were looking to President Obama for “big, bold, unapologetic relief” without delay, during his time at the Hispanic Caucus podium. “We need major reforms, we need them now and Mr. President, we need your help,” Senator Menendez added.

Illegal immigration is shaping up to be a major focal point of not just the mid-terms, but during the next presidential election as well. Texas Governor Rick Perry has received an outpouring of support from voters in far-away non-border states. Many of the posters to Governor Perry’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have voiced both concern and anger relating to national security issues which may arise over the porous Texas border and the impact thousands of illegal immigrant children will have on taxpayers in states now responsible for their housing, medical care, and education.

What do you think about President Obama’s Hispanic Caucus heckling and illegal immigration reform speech?

[Image via: TruNews]