ISIS May Already Be In The U.S., According To Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks that the terror group that took responsibility for the beheading of journalist James Foley, the ISIS, may already be in the U.S. The chilling remarks came as the embattled politician, who has been at the center of an indictment for alleged abuse of power, was discussing the ongoing immigration crisis at the Mexico border.

Perry — who many believe is a possible candidate for President in 2016 for the Republican party — harshly criticized President Obama’s handling of foreign policy. The Governor was speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington when he said:

“President Obama is going to hear warnings in his own party, he’s going to hear the word mission creep and that’s all from a very valid concern.”

“And yet it seems that in this case, we’d be very wise to remember ISIS’ own version of mission creep, when they start following through on threats they’ve been making by sending their recruits into this country.”

ISIS posted the gruesome video of James Foley’s beheading to Youtube — and later on removed it. The horrifying clip shows the journalist being killed in cold blood by a terrorist, who states that the militant group was murdering the innocent man in retaliation for the United States’ recent bombing campaign to prevent them from taking important Iraqi cities.

Some have argued that the porous border between the U.S. and Mexico is the ideal place for ISIS terrorists — who have threatened to attack on American soil — to slip into the country. When asked if he thought the border could have been used by the group to infiltrate militants, Perry replied that it is very possible that “they may have already used” the border to enter the United States.

“We have no clear evidence of that, but your common sense tells you, when we see the number of criminal activities that have occurred – the assaults, the rapes, the murders – by individuals who have come into this country illegally over the last five years, that if the idea that they would not be looking at and managing those types of attacks from that region is not a good place to be.”

James Foley journalist beheaded by terrorists
James Foley journalist beheaded by terrorists

Sounding more like a potential presidential candidate, Rick Perry said the U.S. should leave all options open, as far as considering putting boots on the ground in Iraq. Once again he criticized the White House for its handling of the deteriorating situation in that country due, in part, to the strengthening of ISIS:

“Signaling to your enemies what you are not going to put on the table is a very, very bad both strategically and tactical errors by this administration.”

The suggestion that the ISIS may already be in the U.S. comes on the same day in which Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the terrorist group is “beyond anything we’ve seen before,” adding “They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded.”

“So we must prepare for everything. And the only way you do that is that you take a cold, steely, hard look at it…and get ready,” Hagel said.

Do you agree with Governor Rick Perry when he says that ISIS may already be in the U.S.?

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