Olivia Wilde the ‘Hottest Movie Mom Ever’ – Justin Timberlake

Olivia Wilde (27) is three years younger than Justin Timberlake (30), but still plays his mother in new thriller In Time.

It’s an interesting factoid that probably says something about Hollywood’s attitude to women over 30, but the former ‘N Sync star doesn’t seem too bothered. Indeed, in his recent interview with The Insider, Timberlake recalled telling Wilde, “You’re officially the hottest movie mom of all time.” The charmer.

In Time marks a fresh direction for the singer-cum-actor in that it’s an action film.

That means there shall be much kicking of asses and firing of guns and other manly behavior. To be honest, the plot sounds a bit rubbish – it’s a futuristic world where the rich get to stay young and the poor have to beg and scrimp to stay looking young and my god it sounds even worse now I’ve written it down.

Still, it seemed to make a dent in Old Man Timberlake’s brain, who says it forced him to rethink his approach to life:

“[…] Especially doing this movie too, it’s like it really made it apparently clear to me — it’s like you should appreciate things more. Stop running so much and take some time.”

Pretty deep, man. In Time opens in US theaters on October 28th.

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