Pizza Hut’s BOOKIT! Is Now For Adults Too?

Pizza Hut has been up to a great many things lately. Between shoving bacon into cheesy crusts, delivering dinner and flix in the Middle East, and giving away free pizza to fantasy football leagues, the company has been busy, busy, busy.

So, what else could they possibly be doing? Well, it will take a certain age and a lot of nostalgia to conjure up the kind of nerd-like excitement you will need for this. BOOKIT! for adults is here!

According to CNN Money, the announcement marked the BOOKIT! program’s 30th anniversary. The program started in 1984 before many of today’s customers were born. Any of the former BOOKIT! kids, now adults, who sign up for the new alumni program will receive a personal pan pizza for free from October 1 through the 10. Though it will not completely rekindle the high school BOOKIT! pizza parties at Pizza Hut, you will get free pizza and the exciting feeling that goes along with it.

According to Market Watch, the program will be seeking information about your elementary school, current occupation and location. So, though it might feel like the NSA, you will be getting free Pizza Hut pizza. The BOOKIT! program manager Shelley Morehead seems to indicate that once again, Pizza Hut fans ask and they shall receive.

“The number one thing we get asked by any adult who went through the program is can we please develop an adult version of the BOOK IT Program. With the creation of the BOOK IT! Alumni page, we now have a destination to celebrate the positive memories that so many kids, now adults, have with the program.”

That was just for the nostalgic adults. There is also two new things for those experiencing the program for the first time. Market Watch reports that there is now a BOOKIT! App and a chance to win a $30,000 college plan. The college plan is pretty much the old program, which you must follow religiously, and then you can be entered to win the cash. The App is a little more detailed.

“The App features an interactive game where students choose their favorite dragon to be their reading companion throughout the duration of the program. Earning “coins” for every minute spent reading, accessories for the dragons such as fun glasses, watches and scarves can be purchased to help “deck out” their dragon.”

The BOOKIT! App also has an “online teacher dashboard” that can track reading goals and recognize students.

So, do you remember BOOKIT? Are you signing up for the BOOKIT! Alumni program?

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[ Image Via BOOKIT program ]