Back To The Future Fanatic Buys His Own DeLorean Time Machine To Drive Daughter To School

A Dad obsessed with the 1980s classic sci-fi movie Back To The Future, is living the dream after he purchased a replica of the DeLorean car featured in the film for $80,000.

Obviously, when you’re cruising around in Marty McFly’s souped up DeLorean with a built-in flux capacitor powered by plutonium, a man’s “gonna wanna” show his ride off. So it’s no surprise to hear that the proud owner of the famed DeLorean also uses it to drop his daughter off at school. Dads will be dads after all.

Yet, when it comes to impressing your friends at the school gates it probably doesn’t get much better than arriving in the biggest and baddest time machine of them all – the DeLorean.

Eight-year-old Molly Wickenden’s dad Steve has certainly got the necessary wheels to ensure his daughter is never ever late for school. The Back To The Future fan from Kent in the UK explained to The Daily Mirror that wherever they roll, be it a short drive to the shop or on a school run, they’re never short of attention when the DeLorean is on the prowl.

“We certainly turn a few heads. There are always people waving and beeping at us when we drive past. There certainly isn’t anyone else at the school gates with a flux capacitor!”

“People can’t believe it when we drive it down the street. They wave and beep at us, we’ve even had a few people follow us home in their cars just for the chance of a picture with it.

“Our car is exactly the same as what you seen Michael J Fox driving. The original from the film is in such a state of disrepair that it’s not drivable so this as close as you can get really. Even though we get some funny looks, we love the car.”

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Steve purchased the DeLorean in 2010 and its flux capacitor, energy reactor and all the added extras the Back To The Future fan has added over the years, including a gadget which blows CO2 from the bumpers, to ensure it’s an exact replica of the car in the original movie. Even the biggest film buffs would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Although Molly’s classmates are desperate for a lift in the Delorean, the youngster is adamant that when she’s old enough the time machine is going to be all hers.

“It’s the best way to get to school and all my friends are jealous that I get such a cool lift. I definitely want to learn to drive in the DeLorean.”

Her time will no doubt come, but for now, dad Steve is definitely in the driving seat.

“People always think it’s going to be really nippy but it’s not actually that fast.
“But thanks to the time-traveling qualities, we always make sure Molly’s not late for school!”