Britney Spears Helps Ed Sheeran Find His Mojo In The Kitchen

Britney Spears is the secret ingredient in many of Ed Sheeran’s recipes.

Before you start telling your friends about the super-secret relationship taking place between Spears and the “Don’t” singer, it’s worth noting that it’s simply Britney’s music that assists Ed when he’s whipping something up in the kitchen. Although both parties are definitely on the market, there’s nothing romantic happening between the singers behind the scenes. That we know of, of course. Just kidding.

According to the folks over at TV3, Britney Spears’ music often wafts through Ed’s kitchen when it’s time to fix dinner. In fact, Sheeran owns a copy of Britney’s greatest hits, a collection of tunes that helps the guy find his mojo when he’s preparing something tasty.

“‘I’m a big Britney fan! I’ve actually got her greatest hits, I cook to it. I cook to Britney’s greatest hits and N-Dubz’s greatest hits — what does that say about me? Seriously, I’m not joking.'”

Ed doesn’t want his relationship with Spears to begin and end with a handful of herbs and spices. Digital Spy reports that the guy wouldn’t mind adding Britney Spears’ name to the ever-growing list of entertainers he’d love to work with in the studio.

“She’s had consistent hits for a while but I wouldn’t write ‘Work B***h.’ It’d be something a bit more like ‘Everytime’. Remember that one?”

Should this collaboration take place, it wouldn’t be the first time Ed has helped a pop star write a tune. The songwriter has previously worked with the likes of Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, and the One Direction boys. Unfortunately, it’s unknown if Britney would want Ed’s help putting together music for her next album.

When he isn’t dreaming of collaborating with Britney or whipping up food in the kitchen while her music thumps from his stereo, Ed is busy thinking about the follow-up to his best-selling album X. Although the record just arrived earlier this year, that isn’t stopping the guy from setting his sights on the future.

However, Ed told the Toronto Sun that it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

“The next thing I’ll have out is collaboration with The Game. I’ve been working on the follow-up album recently…I’ve started writing new songs for that so that will be not next year, but possibly the year after that.”

Are you surprised Ed Sheeran listens to Britney Spears when he’s cooking? Would you like to see the two collaborate in the studio?

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