Tyrese Gibson Buys Daughter’s Nanny Elva A New Car

Tyrese Gibson has bought his daughter’s nanny a new car, according to TMZ. Tyrese posted the video of Elva’s reaction to his Facebook page Tuesday.

“My nanny has been with my daughter since she was a year and a half, and I just bought her a new car. It’s a surprise for her. Tyson wanted to film the event to see how his nanny, whose name is Elva, would react to the fabulous gift.”

In the video, Tyrese is seen waiting for his nanny to come around the corner, and when she makes her appearance, Tyrese announces, “You’ve got a new car.” Viewers witness Elva’s excitement as she lays eyes on the beautiful black Audi for the first time, according WCNC. First she raises her arms, jumps up and down, then screams. When reality sets in, she crosses her fingers, shakes her head, and says, “No, no, no.”

After Tyrese assures her that the new car is hers to keep, nanny Elva reaches her arms out to hug Tyrese and begins to cry. It is a beautiful and touching moment that Tyrese shares with his fans.

Fans of Tyrese Gibson’s Facebook page are inundated with inspirational posts and positive snippets into the Fast and Furious actor’s life. In fact, Facebook fans come to his page for their daily dose of Tyrese Gibson’s knowledge. People who know the real Tyrese Gibson, who is now known for his famous Paul Walker breakdown video, is described as a happy man, and that the compassionate person that you see on his Instagram and Facebook, is the exact same person in real life. He’s a really good man by all accounts, according to the Inquisitr.

Here is what some of his fans say on Facebook.

“That is how you treat the person who takes care of your most prized possession, your children. Way to go Tyrese!”

“You one of the best Celebrity man straight up REAL n have a BIG HEART.”

“He doesn’t let his money get to him. He is so sweet. awwww”

“Such an awesome and generous heart! We need more people like this!”

Of course not everyone agrees. His ex, Norma Gibson, stated a while back that he was an absent father. Tyrese felt the allegations were completely false, and he defended himself to the courts. A TMZ report states the following regarding Tyson and his relationship with daughter Shayla.

“Tyrese says he pays for Shayla’s private school and her nanny, he regularly buys her new clothes, shoes, and around the holidays… he spends “thousands” to play Santa.”

Some say the lavish parties are nothing more than a ploy for Tyrese to look good in the public eye. Others say the amount of money you spend on a child has little to do with spending quality time with them.

In any event, Tyrese is always giving good gifts, and he’s making sure, that the woman who cares for his beloved daughter, has what she needs to stay happy and to continue taking good care of Shayla.