Was Jillian Michaels Fired From ‘Biggest Loser’ After Supplement Scandal? [Video]

Jillian Michaels once was known as the tough-as-nails trainer whose screeching determination to push her team to win The Biggest Loser inevitably resulted in tears, fears and throwing up. She once left the show, then dramatically returned. But after a season where she found herself labeled as the “cheater” who gave her team illegal caffeine supplements, followed by a winner who appeared anorexic, Michaels again announced her exit. Now, however, Jillian Michaels has confessed to The Daily Mail that she may have been fired rather than making her own decision to leave.

So what really happened? Turning back the clock, Michaels now says that she never chose to leave on her own. Instead, in the wake of several different occurrences that frustrated her, she asked the show to make changes. And when The Biggest Loser producers declined to alter the show for her, it was time for the slim-down show-down at the NBC corrals.

“I asked for changes and they said no, so in my opinion I believe it was their choice. I was willing to stay if certain changes were made and they said no.”

Putting the ball in their court, Jillian made it clear that she feels she was let go. Carefully refraining from using the f word (fired, not fat), Michaels insinuated that the changes she urged them to make were for the contestants’ safety, and that the producers’ refusal endangered candidates for the cash prize.

When Rachel Frederickson was weighed in at 105 pounds to win the $250,000 weight loss prize, the oldest trainer on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper, and Jillian both showed their horror at her anorexic appearance, as the Inquisitr reported. Although the two trainers, neither of whom worked with Rachel, initially refrained from commenting verbally, both subsequently spoke out.

Michaels also has sought to change her tough-as-nails image. Appearing on Wendy Williams’ talk show, she dished on her own battle with weight and life as a mom (see video below).


Jillian Michaels was candid about her views that Rachel, who lost 155 pounds, had “lost too much weight,” as she told the HuffPost Live. She also felt angry about the supplement scandal and the show’s portrayal of her as the cruel trainer.

“You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I build with my clients,” Michaels declared.

But Jillian declined to be specific about precisely what she asked from the producers. However, she did emphasize that contrary to the original reports, she did not resigned.

“So, I did not quit; they basically said, ‘No we’re not interested in changing x, y and z, so we will part ways. In all fairness, it was their show, so I said if we can’t do this, this and this, I’d like to be released, and they said you’re released.’

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