‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Prince Hans And Evil Bo Peep Coming Soon [Photo]

Once Upon a Time is about to introduce another character from Disney’s Frozen, but Prince Hans might not be the biggest villain viewers will meet during the next few episodes — they’ll also get to see the arrival of Elizabeth Mitchell’s evil Snow Queen and a Little Bo Peep who doesn’t just peacefully watch her sheep.

People magazine recently gave viewers a first look at Prince Hans, the murderous Frozen villain who desperately wanted to rule Arendelle. Tyler Jacob Moore was definitely the right choice for the role — he looks exactly like the evil animated character.

Prince Hans Once Upon A Time

You’ll notice that Prince Hans is holding a mysterious urn. It’s possible that this is the same urn Elsa ended up trapped in, so perhaps Hans was the one responsible for imprisoning her. With Queen Elsa and her icy powers out of the way, the prince and his army of brothers would have a much easier time taking over Arendelle. However, this still doesn’t explain how the urn ended up in Rumple’s vault on Once Upon a Time. This question might be answered sometime during Anna’s journey to find out what her parents went to the Enchanted Forest in search of — she’s probably going to run into Rumple.

According to Entertainment Outlook, Prince Hans will make his first appearance in episode 3 of season 4, which is titled “Rocky Road.” This is the same episode that will feature the first appearance by Michael Socha’s Knave character from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen character is also going to pop up in Storybrooke.

Mitchell’s character runs a new frozen treat shop called Any Given Sundae, so apparently she’s using her icy powers to make ice cream. However, she’s not just an innocent ice cream saleswoman — executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly that Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing a villain during season 4 of Once Upon a Time. Some set photos show the actress all dressed up like a sinister Snow Queen.

Before viewers get to meet Elizabeth Mitchell’s icy character and cold-hearted Prince Hans, they’ll be introduced to another surprising villain. In the second episode titled “White Out,” Once Upon a Time fans will get to see a flashback sequence that shows more of Charming’s life as a shepherd. It turns out that Charming once had a run-in with Frozen character Anna, and she helped him gather the courage to fight “a brutal warlord.” And no, this coldblooded killer isn’t one of Disney’s most dangerous villains — it’s Bo Peep. Once Upon a Time likely got the idea to include Bo Peep on the show from the Toy Story movies. However, this Bo Beep is obviously no delicate porcelain doll, and she’s looking to get her shepherd’s crook on Charming’s family farm.

During “White Out,” viewers will also get to see Emma interacting with Elsa after the brave blondes get trapped together inside an ice cave. Meanwhile Regina will close herself off from everyone, leaving Snow White to lead the town.

The next episode of Once Upon a Time airs on October 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image credits: Dinsey, Pixar, ABC via People]