'Simpsons' 'Family Guy' Crossover Receives Mixed Reviews All Around

Cassie Boss

The Simpsons Family Guy crossover has been given a lot of social media attention over the last few weeks. Those who are fans of the show, and those who aren't, have been blowing up the social media world with their opinions on what they thought the episode would include, and now that it has aired for all to see, there have been many mixed reviews.

For those of you who have yet to watch it, and still plan on doing so, let me warn you now, there are a few little spoilers. So you may want to either skip ahead or just move on for now.

The Simpsons Family Guy crossover was just what many expected, a little interaction with a lot of weird mixed in throughout. It all begins with the beloved Griffin family, and once again they are chased out of their town. After a long night of driving, they find themselves in a little town called Springfield.

From there, the Griffins run into Homer Simpson, according to CNN and lets just say, things get weirdly sentimental. Each character from each show pairs up and bonds with one another in some way or another. Lisa teaches Meg that she is good at something, Stewie idolizes Bart, and even Brian ends up paired up with the Simpsons' dog, Santa's Little Helper.

To find out what happens with everyone, you'll have to watch the show for yourself. So what did social media have to say after the airing of The Simpsons Family Guy crossover? Surprisingly, votes didn't seem to really go one way or another, in fact, there seems to be a pretty even split. Just check it out for yourself:

— Rachael Hannah (@RachaelHannah21) September 29, 2014

— Adrian Alara (@AlaraAdrian) September 29, 2014

— Tim Waters (@DjTimWaters) September 29, 2014

— Molly Carl (@NoBrasNoGlory) September 29, 2014

— Angelina (@angelinamum4) September 29, 2014

— Reggie (@sosament) September 29, 2014

— Mr.Fasho (@DLamarCarter) September 29, 2014

— Stephen (@stephen_09) September 29, 2014

— S-P Reilly (@spreilly86) September 29, 2014

It would seem that The Simpsons Family Guy crossover earned an average rating amongst viewers. According to The Guardian, even media outlets had rather mixed reviews about it.

"Entertainment Weekly called it 'an episode composed entirely of loving reheated cultural detritus, of characters replaying old jokes and self-deprecating themselves into the void', while The Wrap was more positive, asserting that it was a 'once-in-a-lifetime experience that was worthy of a big-screen presentation'."

Did you watch The Simpsons Family Guy crossover? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via IGN Twitter Feed]