‘Simpsons’ ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Draws Fire For Rape Joke

The Simpsons Family Guy crossover is still on its way, though a controversial joke has drawn criticism and dismay. During the trailer for the show, there is a rape joke which has seemingly brought Seth MacFarlane back into a negative light.

Both primetime cartoons are known for their edgy humor. The Simpsons drew early dismay back in the 90s when it was revealed that the young son of the family was known for using shocking language and committing pranks. He was the modern “Dennis the Menace,” and oddly enough, the shock value died off and The Simpsons remains one of the longest running prime time cartoons in history.

Family Guy shook everything up again when it featured regular cut scenes with offensive and sometimes gory punchlines.

Apparently the critics weren’t ready for the two shows to collide, but when they did, it produced a joke so offensive it’s now the subject of a possibly major Simpsons Family Guy crossover controversy.

When Bart Simpson meets Stewie Griffin for the first time in the trailer (above), Bart introduces Stewie to one of his oldest pranks. He proceeds to call Moe’s Tavern and ask the bartender for someone named “Keybum, first name Lee.” As Moe asks the patrons if they’ve seen a leaky bum, the boys get a chuckle.

Then Stewie attempts to make a similar prank, but his version was so raunchy it offended a longtime fan of The Simpsons. Stewie simply tells the bartender, “Hello Moe? Your sister’s being raped.”

Tim Winter, president of the advocacy group Parents Television Council, was taken aback when he heard the joke, and feels it was uncalled for.

“I was blown out of my shoes when I saw the scene with the rape joke in it. It really troubled me.”

Winter was so troubled by the offensive Simpsons Family Guy crossover rape joke that he wrote Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane, and Fox, requesting that they remove the joke before it airs on TV. He received no reply.

Katherine Hull Fliflet, spokeswoman for the Washington-based Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, thought that in its context, the rape joke wasn’t offensive.

“I think the show is making it clear that rape is not funny by how they are positioning the joke. It’s my hope that would be the viewers’ take-away.”

Seth MacFarlane had stated before that he knew he would get attacked for the joke, but made a similar statement to that of the RAINN spokeswoman.

None of this has stopped Tim Winter from continuing his effort to remove the rape joke.

“We don’t mock certain groups because we realize that it is highly insensitive and morally wrong. Why wouldn’t we do the same thing about sexual assault?”

What did you think of the Simpsons-Family Guy crossover trailer? Did you find the rape joke offensive?

[image via Geeks of Doom]

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