‘Dracula Untold’ Behind The Scenes: Luke Evans Shares Favorite Action Sequence [Video]

As the Dracula Untold release date nears for audiences around the world, its main star, Luke Evans, has shared a great behind-the-scenes video of his favorite fight choreography. It looks like the Welsh actor recorded this special footage for his fans while he was in Northern Ireland shooting the Gary Shore production.

It’s November 6, 2013, and Luke is up at 5 a.m. in Belfast to get ready for one of the most spectacular fight scenes we are set to see in Dracula Untold. The actor captions his post, “A Day In The Life of me on set – go behind the scenes when we filmed one of my favorite action sequences.”

This is the day when they start filming the “Vlad vs. 1,000 fighters,” a sleepy Evans reveals while he sits in the back of a car on his way to the studio. Luke, who is wearing a baseball cap, hoodie, and leather jacket, also tells us this is how early he normally gets up for this production. He predicts a hard day’s work on this day.

After they arrive at the studio for the Dracula Untold scene, it’s some hearty breakfast, then changing costume, and make-up, warm-up, rehearse, “and kill 1,000 Turks. Just a normal day,” says Luke Evans with a chuckle. He introduces us to the woman with whom he spends most of his time on set, the make up artist, Lizzy.

Dracula Untold poster

She is the one who makes Dracula come alive. “Don’t cross the make-up artist.” Evans says. After putting on his costume with the woman, he is ready to go fight those Turks.

As the driver arrives on the set of Dracula Untold, Luke Evans says this is the biggest fight sequence he’s ever had to learn. Let’s not forget that, while the Welsh actor has had a variety of roles in his short career, a lot of them have been period pieces (Immortals, The Rave, The Three Musketeers 3D, The Hobbit), so he knows how to use a sword.

“It’s huge, it’s massive, but it looks fantastic,” Evans says, enthusiastically describing what’s about to take place on set.

Dracula Untold stunt coordinator, Buster Reeves, explains this is the first of an eight-part sequence, where Vlad Tepes charges the Turk army. Reeves says they have been getting ready for this particular scene for about four months.

“It’s not something where you can just pick up a sword and learn a choreography,” says Evans. “It’s hard…it’s the stamina that you need.”

Watch the Dracula Untold behind-the-scenes video Luke Evans shared a few hours ago on WhoSay. Now what do we say?

[Image via Luke Evans/Whosay]