Luke Evans Wants You To Watch ‘Dracula Untold’ On IMAX [Video]

Luke Evans is a very persuasive man. With his Welsh accent and easy smile, the Dracula Untold star says he wants you to go see this new take of an old classic on a giant IMAX screen.

With this reboot, Universal Studios is going back to one of the genres they made popular during Hollywood’s golden era. But this is not what you expect and if you think you’re going to see the same old vampire movie, you will be disappointed.

The studio is putting Dracula Untold in the action, drama, and fantasy categories, according to the movies website IMDb. In the Gary Shore film, Luke Evans plays Vlad Tepes, who “facing threats to his kingdom and his family, looks to make a deal with dangerous supernatural forces — without succumbing to the darkness himself.”

Luke Evans has been doing the press rounds to promote Dracula Untold, a few short weeks before the movie finally opens in theaters. In this, the 35-year-old actor makes his case for why we should all flock to theaters starting on October 10.

“The film has this immense pace to it from the second it starts and I can’t wait to see in IMAX,” Evans says. “It really is one of those films you should see on the big screen, no doubt.”

Judging from the short trailers and teasers we have seen thus far, Luke may be correct. A lot has been said about the fight scenes that Shore — who is making his debut in movies — created for Dracula Untold. The director was previously known for making videos for ad campaigns.

As reported by the Inquisitr in August, Evans’ co-star Dominic Cooper — who plays the antagonist, the evil Sultan Mehmed II — spoke about the spectacular fights and special effects we will see in Dracula Untold.

“There’s one particular sequence called ‘the hand of the bat’ that I can’t wait for the audience to see. There’s a superhero analogy throughout the film, and trust me, you wouldn’t have seen Vlad use those powers on a grand scale before.”

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In the video, Luke Evans also explains what makes this story different from other Dracula movies we are used to seeing. The actor — who is playing his first leading role — is very excited for his fans to see him play this classic character.

“It’s a story that most people won’t know of. We always revert back to Bram Stoker’s ‘old man’ Dracula, which is fantastic, but how did that man become that creature? How did that creature happen?

“So we go back to what inspired the whole thing in the first place, Vlad the Impaler, and we follow his journey. You see the whole spectrum of his life. The human story which has never been seen before which I think is exciting.”

Watch a trailer for Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, and Dominic Cooper.

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