Charlie’s Angels Cancelled By ABC

In news that should shock nobody ABC has cancelled their attempted remake of Charlie’s Angels.

While the 1970s classic remake was heavily hyped by the network critics and viewers panned the premiere which had already opened to mediocre reviews and lost more followers each week.

The hour-long series, produced by Drew Barrymore simply couldn’t compete in a Thursday slot against such shows as Simon Cowell’s X-Factor.

Charlie’s Angels had a decent cast starring Minka Kelly, Rachel Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh, if nothing else it definitely one of the hottest cast lineups on TV.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the episodes that have already been shot will continue to air until such a time that ABC executives figure out what to do with the popular time slot.

Do you think ABC should have given Charlie’s Angels more time to develop a fan following? Considering that a lesbian kiss among the shows stars Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor couldn’t save the series I highly doubt they were going to find the male crowd they wanted with further publicity stunts.

Wonder Woman couldn’t survive original fan scrutiny and it’s obvious that Charlie’s Angel’s couldn’t make a comeback, perhaps now TV executives will begin to realize the error of their ways and actually come up with worthwhile scripted shows for their viewers. Who am I kidding the show will probably be replaced by more reality TV dribble or an already syndicated show.

Were you a fan of the new Charlie’s Angels series or are you glad to hear it’s being pulled off the air so quickly?

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