350 Pound Woman Blames Her Weight On Healthy Food Being 'Too Expensive'

Christina Briggs is certainly very overweight at a staggering 350 pounds, at the tender age of just 26.

But that doesn't stop the British woman from munching down on potato chips, chocolate, and fast food takeaways. What's more, she receives more than $32,000 annually from the over-lenient welfare system in the U.K to fuel her habits.

But instead of just admitting the obvious, that she has a serious weight problem that she needs to take in hand, Briggs is more intent on exerting her energy blaming the British government for her obesity, claiming she needs more money from the taxpayer if she is to afford healthy food and change her life.

The single mother from Wigan, who forks out upward of $500 per month on junk food and takeaways, has a BMI of 58, which is more than double the recommended and healthy body mass index for a woman of her height.

Briggs told reporters that healthy eating and exercise are too expensive, and that's the reason she doesn't engage in them.

In her own words, Briggs said, "I hate being overweight but it's not my fault - healthy food is too expensive. A bag of apples costs the same as a multipack of crisps but I can't afford both."

So there you have it -- in the decision between apples and potato chips (crisps), the potato chips win hands down as they are the same price as the apples. Interesting logic.

Nevertheless, it seems that even Cristina Briggs has some level of awareness about her condition.

"I know I'm putting my health at risk, but I like having a takeaway at the weekends and the kids enjoy trips to McDonald's. My rent is covered by my benefits but by time I pay my £200 bills I'm left with hardly any cash as I have to buy the children books, clothes and nappies. I struggle to afford healthy food."

Her comments really go to prove that young women, and men, in certain cases probably shouldn't have children, especially if they hold these bizarre attitudes and think it alright to claim never-ending benefits while not acting responsibly in their own lives.