McDonald’s Murder: China Outraged By Brutal Cult Slaying Of Young Mother

Following a brutal McDonald’s murder in China last Wednesday, the nation is outraged by the senseless slaying of a young mother over a smartphone number.

In the incident, which was caught on camera by customers at the restaurant, the young woman was set upon by six men who asked her for her phone number.

When she refused they began viciously beating her with a metal bar until she died.

The six men, who have been arrested in connection with the murder, are all members of a Chinese cult called “All Powerful Spirits,” and come from the city of Zhaoyuan — a city in Shandong province known as China’s gold-mining center.

The young woman had a seven-year-old son and the brutality used by the gang to kill her has sent shockwaves throughout the country.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported the story, as did Caijing magazine, which ran it on its front pages. The magazine reported:

“An innocent woman was beaten to death by a group of strangers in broad daylight over nothing. The fear the news has caused to the public has gone far beyond what any premeditated, organized crime would have created,” Caijing said. “It will be hard for ordinary people to feel secure in this country unless this case is solved fairly and publicly, in accordance with the law.

Apart from anything else, the outrage also extended to the fact that no one in the restaurant came to assist the woman; one Chinese social media commentator noted: “Why was there no one in the restaurant fighting with the murders and rescuing the woman? Have our people lost their courage and uprightness?”

Another commentator, Lao Xu, from Beijing wrote: “The law’s definition of justifiable defense is so vague, and those who act bravely for a just cause face too high a risk. Our muddled system has killed the spirit of courage and uprightness in our nation’s genes.”

It remains to be seen what the punishment will be for the members of the cult who carried out the heinous McDonald’s murder in China. They are now being questioned ahead of their court case.

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