Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery: Top Doc Says Chin ‘Shaved Down’ In Shocking New Look?

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s oldest daughter has a new face. Rumor is Rumer Willis had her chin shaved down. A top plastic surgeon recently weighed in, saying that Rumer’s dramatic and “shocking” new look is the result of getting work done. But was it cosmetic surgery?

Rumer is the oldest of three sisters, Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 20, and just as firstborns often do at times, they make waves and show who the boss really is.

Rumer Willis uploaded a selfie to her Instagram account this week, and had it not been for the caption, many would have not recognized her or simply thought it was some glammed-up Photoshop job — wishful thinking, if you will.

“My current mood…”

Rumer’s photo was an image of her in bed (clothes on, fellas). A portion of her dirty blonde hair was draped over one eye, her brow looked freshly-plucked, and her nose-ring was prominent. Willis’ pouty lips completed her sultry look.

However, the most shocking part of the selfie was Rumer Willis’ chin. Gone were edgeless features at the bottom of her jaw line. Instead, they were replaced with a chiseled and inviting chin that made her look like a Vogue model.

Her fans were quick to point out that something about Rumer had changed.

“Omg you are so gorgeous, I thought this was a pic of Billie Piper :O.” ~ sarah.bhatti

“Yeah I also thought it was me for a second! Lol @0lley” ~ alexandria-nm

@fennakiebert you look like this” ~ ninevtol

One professional experienced with nipping and tucking clients was quick to point out that Rumer Willis doesn’t appear to have gone under the knife as many suspect. Instead, Dr. Anthony Youn believes her “new look” is an illusion brought on by injections, not plastic surgery, according to a Radar Online’s exclusive celebrity news report.

Rumer Willis
Rumer Willis plastic sugery

“It appears that the increase in size of Rumer’s lips has overshadowed her prominent chin. I suspect that Rumer’s had quite a few injections of filler into her lips, such as Juvederm.”

Youn added that Willis’ augmented lips are disproportionate to her smaller frame now that she’s apparently lost weight.

“They look a bit overdone to me, but the overall effect is probably what she was hoping for. Sultry? Yes.”

With Rumer Willis‘ sisters commanding the headlines in the family with their free-spirited baring of skin (for a good cause), big sister had to find a way to be relevant again.

She was always the girl with the overgrown chin and bubbly body, which she attributes to her struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety over her body image.

However, Rumer has been on a tear, and has been celebrating her new svelte figure and striking looks. With all attention given to the aspiring singer’s “new image,” perhaps she can use her new-found celebrity to assist others who are struggling on the inside with their outward appearance.

Do you think Rumer Willis had plastic surgery?

[Image via: Tumblr, Instagram, Getty via RadarOnline]

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