Lindsay Lohan Not Yet Confirmed For Gotti Flick

Last we heard, Lindsay Lohan was “very close to signing her contract” for Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father, the forthcoming movie about mobster John Gotti. Weeks later, and Lohan has, er, still not signed anything.

While the likes of John Travolta and Al Pacino seemed to have no trouble sealing their deals, the star of such cinematic classics as Herbie: Fully Loaded is holding out for more dough. Lohan has already been booted off the project once before for diva-like demands (before being reinstated), so this may not be such a massive surprise.

A rep for Fiore Productions (who are funding the film) said today, “Everyone is still attached to the film. I am not commenting on anything to do with financing though.” Hm.

Lohan or no Lohan (and let’s face it, her presence will not decide the box office success of Gotti), the film is going ahead, despite recent whispers that it had hit financial snags. The Fiore publicist was quick to add things are “very much moving forward,” and said the company was “expecting a late 2012 theatrical release.”

Quite why Lohan is so determined to screw up what looks like a seriously big gig (especially given her hardly glittering film career) is beyond me. I always saw her doing more of this for the rest of her days, so the chance to star with Al Pacino in a near-guaranteed smash probably isn’t something you should pass up if Mean Girls remains your career high point.