Mariam Al Mansouri: Female Fighter Pilot Disowned By Family For Bombing ISIS Terrorists In Syria

Major Mariam Al Mansouri became the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) first female pilot on the ISIS terrorist group terrorist group following the announcement that the United States would be leading a coalition of nations to use airstrikes against the Islamic State. While the world celebrates her success, the war has come home for Mansouri and reports are claiming the female fight pilot’s family has officially disowned her.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 35-year-old Major Mariam Al Mansouri was among three other women that were part of the attack on ISIS. She graduated in January of 2008 and she said that being a military almost entirely dominated by men was a dream she’s held for years.

“It was my aspiration. Ever since I finished high school, I wanted to learn flying because it was something that I liked in the first place. Being in the air force is a responsibility. I feel proud, especially that I am part of the first batch. And that encourages me to continue in this field. As a pilot, you have to study all the time, even after graduation. You have to continue training because the more hours you fly the more experience you accumulate.”

Mansouri led three other UAE F-16 pilots in the first airstrike and it’s said that when the “U.S. tanker pilots called in for air refueling and asked for the UAE mission and when they heard a female voice on the other side they paused for 20 seconds.” They then proceeded to drop bombs this week in coordinated attacks against Islamic State strongholds near Raqqa, Aleppo and Idlib.

Unfortunately, an Arabic language news site called Wattan.TV is reporting that Mariam Al Mansouri’s family has disowned her for these actions. Please keep in mind this is a Google translation and is extremely rough. The Inquisitr did attempt to clean up the translation, but it’s possible there were translation errors introduced in the process.

“The Mansouri family in the UAE announced Wednesday that they had Nbaraha [untranslated] of her daughter Mary because of her participation in the international coalition led by the United States to strike at civilian targets inside Syrian territory. The family also stressed their support for the Syrian revolution. The Mansouri family said in a statement published by news sites Arabic…. ‘We are the sons of the family of al-Mansuri in the United Arab Emirates announce to fill the innocence [translation error?] of the so-called Mariam Al Mansouri. We remind anyone who participates in international aggression on the Syrian people, led by the daughter of the rogue Mariam Al Mansouri, that the the Islamic State in the East and the West has a duty to defend issues of the nation. We exhort the jihad for the sake of Allah and the support of the Syrian Revolution. Blessed, in the face of the descendants of Ibn Alqami.'”

The Mansouri family also called for support for the Syrian revolution, calling for “all factions and battalions operating on the scene Shamiyah to unite and join forces and efforts to a single goal, which is to drop the Assad regime.” The family also appears to have announced support specifically for the ISIS terrorist organization, saying that their family is “honored heroes of the Sunnis in Iraq and the Levant.” The ISIS terrorist group is also known as ISIL, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, although it’s possible this similarity to the ISIS name may be a Google translation error.

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