Cody Calafiore’s ‘Big Brother 16’ Backyard Interview: No Regrets Over Keeping Derrick Levasseur

Cody Calafiore essentially handed fellow Big Brother 16 houseguest Derrick Levasseur $500,000 in Wednesday night’s finale, but it doesn’t sound like he regrets it a bit. Cody chatted with fan favorite Jeff Schroeder in the backyard after the finale, and BB16 fans were anxious to see what he’d have to say. Does Cody regret his decision to keep Derrick over Victoria Rafaeli in those final moments of the game?

During Jeff Schroeder’s Big Brother 16 backyard interview with Cody Calafiore — shared by the show via YouTube — there was some serious bromance action happening. BB16 fans have seen this season that Cody adores and essentially idolizes Jeff, and it looks like the feeling may be fairly mutual. In fact, it almost seemed that Calafiore was more excited to be talking with Schroeder than he was at winning $50,000 in the finale.

Of course, the big question everybody has is regarding Cody’s decision to take Derrick to the final two over Victoria. Does Cody have any regrets? He probably would have beat Victoria quite easily, but it seems Calafiore is sticking by his decision. He shares that had he taken Victoria over Derrick, he would have felt he had cheated Derrick for the good game he had played.

Cody notes that Derrick helped him keep his cool, and was always there for him like a brother this season. Calafiore says that had he chosen Victoria over Derrick, it would have been a betrayal he couldn’t have dealt with. He also says he is absolutely sure that had the Head of Household competition gone the other way, Derrick would have kept him over Victoria. In fact, Levasseur said in his backyard interview that he indeed would have kept Cody.

As Zap2It notes, Cody was a little surprised that the final vote was 7 to 2 against him. He knew it would be difficult to beat Derrick, but he did think it would be closer. Derrick had expressed the same sentiment, as the two had counted the votes and thought it would likely be a 5 to 4 vote. Calafiore says he thought Victoria would vote for him after Derrick betrayed her. In addition, he thought he’d have Christine’s vote and possibly Caleb’s.

Ultimately, it’s clear from Cody Calafiore’s Big Brother 16 backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder that he’s content with how the finale played out. The Hitmen may well go down as one of the strongest alliances in Big Brother history, and it seems both guys are very glad things ended the way they did.

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