Girl On Life Support Picture Posted Online By Father: He Says Police Ignore Tips And News Won’t Report It

A girl on life support was photographed and the picture posted on Facebook by her father. The incident is impacting the 17-year-old’s father to bring awareness over raves because he wants everyone to know that they’re “death peddlers.”

Keith Roehm’s teen daughter, Bianca Gartner, overdosed on the club drug Molly, and she’s not likely to survive. Her father is frustrated by Denver police and local media for not taking his message seriously.

Roehm posted a photo on Facebook of his daughter lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of her. He wrote a message to those visiting the page about his desperate plea.

My name is Keith Roehm, this is my daughter Bianca.

She is 17 and a Senior at Denver’s East High school. She has a job that she works at everyday except Sunday’s. This past 9-20-14, Bianca attended an electronic dance music festival, known as Skylab at the Denver Coliseum. She took a drug called Molly. She is now on life support and going into renal failure. Her heartbeat was at 165 beats per minute and her temperature was at 108 degrees for 20 minutes. They had to resuscitate her twice.

My daughter died in front of us twice! On 9-16-14 her brother, Evan, had an episode and decided to drink bleach, and although he’s in a separate hospital, I have tell him that his sister might not make it, and I could seriously use some help right now…Please share this to bring awareness to what happens at these raves.

The Denver Police know, and they do nothing about it. I even gave them printed out, text message proof as to whom she got it from, and was told they wouldn’t prosecute them because she was seeking it out. I have contacted my local FOX affiliate to tell them that I had learned several other people had gone to area hospitals because a bad batch of this stuff had circulated at this Skylab rave. Nothing no response.

This could be your child. Mine was responsible and did well in school. These raves are death peddlers…

According to the New York Daily News, the rave Bianca attended was at XX Skylab at the Denver Coliseum during a music festival.

The drug Molly is also referred to as “pure MDMA,” and is an active ingredient of ecstasy. It’s often mixed with other synthetic drugs, and users often have no idea what’s contained in Molly when they take it.

News of this is getting around more since the photo of this young girl on life support is making the rounds on social media.

[Image via Keith Roehm/Facebook]

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