‘Big Brother 16’ Winner: Julie Chen Says Derrick Has A ‘Big Check Coming His Way’

Who walks away from Big Brother 16 $500,000 richer on Wednesday night? Host Julie Chen spoke about her predictions for the big finale, telling The Hollywood Reporter that she is confident that it will be an “easy win” for contestant Derrick Levasseur. Her prediction is not a big surprise to many fans who fully expect Derrick to cash in after spending almost 97 days in the Big Brother house.

“Any way you slice it, Derrick’s going home a half million dollars richer. I just don’t see him losing to either Cody or Victoria. Derrick has a big check coming his way, my prediction.”

While there are three final contestants on BB16, if Chen is wrong, the only other option for a winner this season is Cody Caladfiore. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, the Big Brother live feeds already revealed that Cody won round one of the HOH competition and Derrick won round 2. Cody and Derrick will face off on the finale, with Victoria left to watch.

If Julie Chen’s prediction is right and Derrick is this season’s winner, he may take home even more than the $500,000 prize. The Hollywood Reporter states that he has the potential to earn another $50,000 for the Team America member making it to the very end.

There is also an additional $20,000 that could line his wallet from the Team America tasks. Chen feels there will be “mixed emotions” if Derrick makes a clean sweep and takes home $575,000.

“People who love the game are going to love that this is a new aspect to Big Brother [in Team America], and I think there is going to be some hard feelings and egos, but that’s going to be a feeling toward America.”

While there is little doubt that Derrick will win the big prize on the BB16 finale, there is plenty of anticipation about who will win the Favorite Houseguest prize on Wednesday night. There are mixed feelings about who will be named the show’s favorite cast member. Celeb Dirty Laundry writes that Frankie has a good shot at winning because his sister, Ariana Grande, has so many fans on Twitter, but feels that Donny will be the “landslide favorite.”

BigBrotherNetwork.com states that is is possible that Frankie could win, but it he would never even have a chance of winning the title of Favorite Houseguest without the help of his mother and sister’s gigantic social media campaign. The site polled their readers and Donny took the lead in their most recent poll, but the general consensus on Twitter among BB16 fans is that Zach Rance will be the ultimate winner.

Tune in to watch the season finale of Big Brother 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS to find out who wins Favorite Houseguest and if Julie Chen’s prediction is correct, then Derrick will be this season’s big winner.

[Image: Maven2379.com]