‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Derrick Sets The Stage For A Win, Will It Happen?

The finale of Big Brother 16 airs Wednesday night, and viewers will finally see if Derrick Levasseur wins the big money this season. There is a lot to pack into the 90-minute finale, and fans are anxious for Big Brother spoilers about what will go down. Who is going to win BB16? Will there be any shocking moves along the way?

Previous Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have revealed that Cody Calafiore won Round 1 of the Head of Household competition, while Derrick won Round 2. That means Victoria Rafaeli can only sit back and watch now, as Derrick and Cody will face-off against one another live in Round 3 during the September 24 finale.

There has been a lot of speculation about who would end up in the final two. Victoria would likely be the easiest one to beat, but it looks like the Hitmen are sticking together. Cody and Derrick have sworn to one another, multiple times, that they will take one another over Victoria. Many BB16 fans have wondered, though, if Derrick might throw the HOH competition to ensure he doesn’t have to alienate Victoria by choosing Cody, thus losing her vote.

However, Derrick has seemingly been paving the way to take Cody and ensure that Victoria is not entirely surprised. After the second round was played, Victoria cried a lot, and Derrick comforted her. She seemed crushed and surprised that her game might be over, though she still seemed to think she had a fighting chance. As she started to realize that Derrick might choose Cody over her if it came down to that, she was, at times, was angry and crushed.

As Big Brother Network notes, Big Brother spoilers via the live feeds Tuesday night showed a key conversation between Derrick and Victoria that may have paved the way to Derrick evicting Victoria without it costing him her vote. He told her that while he’s done everything possible to make sure she got to the final three, now he has to play for his family and himself.

Derrick promised Victoria that if he gets to choose who goes to the final two, it will be a decision based on what he needs to do for his game and not a decision to put Cody over her. Rafaeli seemed relieved and satisfied with that answer, indicating that it was all she needed to hear from him. She then promised that Derrick would have her vote.

Given that, it would seem very likely that BB16 viewers can expect to see Derrick go full-throttle in Round 3 of the HOH competition. While Cody would definitely take Derrick to the final two, Derrick will surely want control, and a final HOH win will play well to the jury. Given that the final competition is surely an A/B answer challenge to questions posed to the jurors, many would think Derrick likely has an edge in this one over Cody.

If it indeed does become a face-off between Derrick and Cody with the jury, which guy will win? Most think that Derrick will take this one, and even Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen believes that. In fact, Chen told Entertainment Weekly that she thinks it’ll be a landslide. Chen indicated that she thinks Cody might get Christine’s vote, but that may be it.

Will Derrick really win BB16 in a landslide vote? Not all fans are convinced it’ll be that easy, but everybody will find out one way or the other Wednesday night. Tune in to the 90-minute finale of Big Brother 16 airing September 24 on CBS to see if it’s Victoria Rafaeli, Cody Calafiore, or Derrick Levasseur taking home the $500,000 prize.

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