Spoilers For ‘Big Brother 16’: Who Will Be In The Final 2?

The Big Brother 16 finale is just a few days away, and Friday night is the last episode before the final battle. This season it’s come down to Derrick Levasseur, Cody Calafiore, and Victoria Rafaeli, and now it is time for the final three to face-off in the Head of Household competition. Fans want Big Brother spoilers regarding Friday’s show, and there is some detailed information available about what will go down.

Big Brother spoilers have already revealed the Round 1 HOH competition winner. Victoria fell in the endurance challenge early, and after some back-and-forth, Derrick dropped and Cody won. Now the houseguests are anxiously waiting to see when Round 2 will happen. As Big Brother Network notes, the Round 2 HOH challenge will probably be a physical challenge that requires some sharp thinking regarding previous events in the house. Given those specifics, it would be pretty surprising if Victoria won over Derrick.

Some BB16 fans have wondered if Derrick might try to throw the competition to Victoria, but frankly it would probably be tough to pull off in this particular type of competition. Victoria will never beat Derrick when it comes to a strength or physical challenge, and most would imagine Derrick’s memory of what has happened in the house throughout the season will trump Victoria’s as well. Derrick also has to be careful that he doesn’t do anything to make Cody suspicious.

Derrick and Victoria have had some discussions about one throwing the competition to the other one, and the latest talk seemed to lean toward having her throw it for him. Granted, she probably doesn’t even need to throw it. Expect Derrick to win this one.

Though nobody knows for certain when the Round 2 HOH competition will take place, Big Brother spoilers via Jokers Updates notes that both Cody and Derrick have suspicions that it will take place Friday night. Round 3, of course, will be played live during the September 24 finale.

The big question at this point is which two BB16 houseguests will be the final two? Overnight, Derrick and Cody were swearing to one another that neither of them will take Victoria. They’ve been very connected this season, but they both have to know that it would be easier to beat Victoria than one another. Derrick in particular has been close to Victoria, so will he really ditch her right before the final vote?

Despite the fact that BB16 has been incredibly predictable, there is a sense that Wednesday’s finale could provide some excitement. Will Derrick try to win this final HOH, or will he bow out so he doesn’t have to evict Cody or Victoria? If he allows Cody to win HOH, will the jury see Cody as the stronger player? Does Victoria have a shot at this at all? Fans are dying to get a look at the jury talking about these final three, and there may be a bit of that in Friday’s show.

Tune in to BB16 airing on Friday, September 19 to see the first part of the HOH competition, some talk among the final three, and perhaps some of the jury talk. Then stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers throughout the weekend, and don’t miss the Big Brother 16 finale airing on Wednesday, September 24 to see who is declared the winner.

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