‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: The Head Of Household Round 1 Winner Is Revealed

The final Head of Household battle is going to be an interesting one to watch as Big Brother 16 inches toward the finale. The first round was played Thursday night, and fans are anxious for Big Brother spoilers regarding who won. Was it Derrick Levasseur, Cody Calafiore, or Victoria Rafaeli?

As Big Brother Network notes, Big Brother spoilers reveal that Victoria fell off the endurance HOH competition first. That doesn’t exactly come as much of a surprise to anybody. As could have probably been anticipated, Cody and Derrick then did a bit of negotiating regarding who would win this round. This first winner gets to skip the second round and go straight to the final round. The two losers face-off in the second round coming soon.

Victoria actually held on for about 40 to 45 minutes or so, but within minutes of her falling, Derrick started talking to Cody about sticking it out or dropping. Cody says he really wants this win and Derrick says he’s not confident. Derrick also suggests that Cody would be stronger in the next round than Derrick. Typically, the next round in this HOH battle is one that quizzes the houseguests on the events of the season and their sequence.

Despite alluding that Cody would be the better choice to beat Victoria in the next round, Derrick offers to drop, then holds off, then eventually does. It takes just over 15 minutes for Derrick to drop after Victoria. Did Derrick do it on purpose? Most would imagine he probably did, though when Victoria asked him if he threw it, he acted quite indignant.

Buddy TV details that Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Victoria was right there listening to all of this talk between Cody and Derrick, which is a bit interesting. The guys don’t seem to care, and she seems fairly oblivious. Derrick offers to jump, but mentions that he’s worried Cody will be mad if he doesn’t beat Victoria in the next round. Cody says he won’t be mad, and many wonder if that is a hint about where Derrick’s plan is headed next.

Derrick and Victoria will battle in the second round of the HOH competition and then that winner will face-off against Cody live next Wednesday night in the finale. The statistics indicate that more often than not, the winner in part one also ends up winning the final HOH round as well. However, that person doesn’t necessarily end up winning the game in the final vote. Those statistics may well be what Derrick is counting on as this plays out.

Big Brother 16 fans are now speculating about what will happen from here. Many suspect Derrick will throw the second HOH round to Victoria, setting up a Cody and Victoria face-off in the third round. That way Levasseur doesn’t have to make anybody mad and he’s confident both of them will take him to the finals. Granted, that plan could backfire if Cody and Victoria were to decide to cut Derrick out of the mix.

Can Derrick beat both Cody and Victoria if he makes it to the finals? That’s the typical thinking, but it’s definitely not guaranteed. Will Cody really stick with Derrick to the end? Not everybody is convinced, especially after his speech during Wednesday night’s show.

However, both Derrick and Cody have sworn they will take one another. There was also talk that if either end up taking Victoria instead they swear they’ll each vote for her. However, Cody told Victoria a lot of information Wednesday night while Derrick was in the diary room. In addition, Derrick is definitely still stringing Victoria along. So it’s tough to tell for certain whether it really will be Cody and Derrick as the final two houseguests, though many BB16 fans expect it to play out that way.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the second round of the HOH competition comes along and the final three houseguests strategize for the final days. Who do you think will win Big Brother 16?

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