‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Was Cody’s Veto Speech A Game-Changer?

Big Brother 16 went through a major turning point tonight, as the final veto competition was held and the once-vast field of 16 competitors was reduced to three. Followers of the live feeds, or those who follow spoilers revealed on blogs such as Big Brother Network, knew who held the veto going in, and how it was expected to play out. The results were as predicted: Cody Calafiore, as the veto winner and sole vote to evict, sent the loyalty-fixated Caleb out the door.

Caleb, pleading with Cody, said Victoria had not been loyal and had not won a competition. The subtext: Caleb deserved to stay and Cody should honor their final three agreement. Cody’s speech in response, before going ahead with the ultimate blindside, threw most of Caleb’s language back at him. He also might have done serious damage to Derrick’s game.

According to the Entertainment Weekly recap this evening, here is what Cody said:

“You’ve both been loyal. On Day 2, this guy [Derrick] came to me and said I want you to be my Ride or Die. We’ve never gonna cross each other. We made a Final Two Alliance called the Hitmen. We’ve made every decision together.”

Darren Franich, who wrote that recap and in earlier content on EW had interesting thoughts on Victoria’s future in the game, called Cody’s speech a smart move. In that moment, Cody said that Caleb was going home not because of Cody, but because of Cody and Derrick. While Derrick and Cody are weighing potential jury votes, each may reconsider taking the other to the final 2. As Franich said:

“If Derrick wins Head of Household, I can no longer imagine him taking Cody with him to the final two. It’s too dangerous; Cody has too carefully claimed Derrick’s final argument. Did Cody just earn himself $500,000? Or did he just hand Victoria $50,000?”

Earlier posts on the Big Brother Network blog recount Derrick telling Caleb about a past season of Survivor, when a contestant went for the honorable win instead of the easy victory. Making that choice cost the contestant the ultimate prize. Knowing that is in Derrick’s head, it is a good bet he is considering opting for what, one would assume, is an easy win over Victoria than a far less certain victory over Cody.

Spoiler alert: tonight’s episode ended with the three remaining house guests drinking champagne, knowing part 1 of the final, three-part Head of Household competition was on its way. The results of part 1 are in and, according to BuddyTV, Cody took it home. He then goes straight to part 3 of the competition on finale night, while Derrick battles Victoria in part 2 and the winner of that phase advances to part 3.

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