iPhone 6 Bending: Apple May Soon Address The Annoying Pocket Problem

The new iPhone 6 has a bending problem, but there may soon be a solution for people who want to wear skinny jeans and still carry the latest Apple gadget.

This week a number of iPhone 6 users have reported that the phone appears to bend in their pockets, conforming to the curves of their tight pants. A report from The Daily Dot showed that the iPhone 6 Plus is plied by tight clothes, especially when kept in the back pocket of the pants.

The reports have spread and even spurred the hashtag #bendgate with victims sharing pictures of the iPhone 6 bending.

But there ay be good news about the phone’s elasticity, C|Net reports. Dr. Raymond Soneira, a display specialist, said that the bent phones may not be permanent.

But C|Net writer Chris Matyszczyk has an even more simple (and aesthetic) solution:

The first solution: don’t put your phone in your back pocket.

This has never been a good look. Even in the days when all phones did was flip, it created an unsightly bulge in an area which is, for so many, a fulcrum of human attraction. It makes you look as if you have two entirely different buttocks, one which underwent a botched enhancement.

Experts say users shouldn’t try to fix the bent iPhone 6 themselves, however.

“We have tools that will reform the frame, but given that, it’s still not a 100 percent success rate because it’s not in the exact same manufacturer’s shape,” said Jack Murphy, a spokesman for iCracked Inc., a Redwood City, California-based company that fixes broken gadgets. “We absolutely do not recommend that people try it by themselves.”

Other industry followers believe Apple will soon be offering further instruction for how to deal with bent iPhone 6 models.

“I think initially they should acknowledge the situation,” said Jasdeep Badyal, an analyst from the telecoms consultancy CCS Insight. “Then the second step will be to take action by providing cases or replacements.”

To date, Apple has not released any statement or guidance on the iPhone 6 bending.