Do You Wear Tight Pants? Beware The iPhone 6 Plus

It hasn't even been a week and already problems with the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus are popping up. But the newest issue is by far the oddest. It seems those who wear ultra tight pants are causing the iPhone 6 Plus to bend, conforming to the person's curves. Watch out, Beyonce. In a report on The Daily Dot, the iPhone 6 Plus has been shown to bend under the duress of tight clothes, namely the back pockets of tight pants. It is the much larger screen of the Plus that is causing the ultra-thin phone to bend. There have been no reports that the regular iPhone 6 has this problem.

Twitter has exploded with the appropriately hashtagged #bendgate and victims are sharing their pictures and their thoughts on the phone-bending issue.

Apple has yet to make an official comment, and it begs to be pointed out that no iPhone launch has been free of issues of some kind. The iPhone 5 famously had antenna issues and the MacRumor forums are starting to fill up with images of the new phones new curved features. Curving is good for 4K televisions, not new iPhones.

A recent story on The Inquisitr highlighted one user's rigorous "drop test" of the new phones, coming on the heels of the story of the first iPhone 6 sold crashing to the pavement in Perth, Austrailia.

The world seemingly goes into a fit whenever a new iPhone is released as people line up for days to get their hands on the new product while detractors publicly criticize them. It's a cycle we've seen time and again and doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon. But if you are a person who likes to wear tight clothes--especially pants--maybe the new iPhone 6 Plus isn't for you. The phone bending isn't a new issue as it was reported in July by The Verge that the new phone's Sapphire screen material could be susceptible to curving under duress.

If you are one of the lucky (or maybe unlucky) 10 million-plus folks to get an iPhone 6 since it launched, have you had issues with the handset bending in tight pants situations? Do you wear tight pants? Share your bending stories below and be sure to include pictures—of the phone, not your pants.

[Images courtesy of Google and MacRumors]