‘Star Wars Episode VII’ To Feature 5 Villains Including Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker

Various leaks regarding Star Wars: Episode VII have suggested that there will be five villains in JJ Abrams’ upcoming addition to the beloved franchise.

WARNING: There are several spoilers ahead that might potentially ruin Star Wars: Episode VII for viewers. So if you want to go into the film without any prior knowledge of its foes, you probably shouldn’t read ahead.

Most excitingly for Star Wars fans is the rumor that Darth Vader, the villain from the original trilogy, will make a return in the film series. According to a report by Latino Review, Vader is expected to make a brief cameo in the film, which will help to introduce a brand spanking new foe into the franchise.

According to the same article, the main villain in the sci-fi space opera will come in the shape of a Sith Inquisitor, who has been working alongside Darth Vader for some time. This character’s mission will be to find all of the Jedi that are left in the galaxy, a search he will conduct alongside the remaining members of his organisation.

The third and fourth villains of Star Wars: Episode VII will come in the shape of the Sith Apprentice as well as Darth Sidious. The Apprentice is believed to quickly gain power over his master, the Sith Inquisitor, though, while Sidious is expected to be the foe who is controlling all of the villainy from behind the scenes.

However, the most shocking bit of news to have emerged regarding a potential Star Wars: Episode VII villain is that Luke Skywalker has been seduced by the dark-side. According to This Is Infamous, after Return Of The Jedi Luke experiences several personal struggles that sees him basically disappear from the Galaxy for around 10 years.

Episode VII begins with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s characters off in pursuit of Skywalker, who, thanks to the force, can now move mountains and bring down ships with just a mere glance. Skywalker is believed to have put himself into a self-imposed exile after he begins to feel twangs of the dark-side, and in order to try and reject its allure he visits Yoda’s old home planet of Dagobah, which is where the Millennium Falcon finds him.

What do you think of the potential villains in Star Wars: Episode VII? Do you think that Darth Vader will return? Will Luke Skywalker actually move to the dark side?

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