‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Defends MTV: Network Doesn’t Create Drama

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy. She is one of the most dramatic stars of the show. She has been arrested and locked up, has a long list of mug shots, and has gotten high on drugs while filming. Her former storyline may be more suited for an episode of Intervention rather than Teen Mom, especially since her story on MTV has rarely been about her son, Jace.

Jenelle Evans has been filming for MTV since her first episode of 16 & Pregnant several years ago. Evans has been through good and bad times while filming, and she has no problem coming to the network’s defense. Many have speculated that Teen Mom is partly scripted because the show doesn’t always provide a real representation of the struggles a young mother goes through. For example, the big paycheck from MTV doesn’t apply to all young mothers.

According to a Wetpaint Entertainment report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now fighting the accusations that MTV is creating drama for the stars to keep the storylines interesting for the show. MTV has been accused of faking several scenarios over the years, but Jenelle claims that everything viewers see is real, at least when it comes to her story.

When Jenelle was confronted on Twitter with the accusation that MTV creates drama to make the girls’ lives more interesting, Evans had a quick response. Of course, Chelsea Houska continues to deal with Adam Lind, Kailyn Lowry is balancing a newborn with school, and Leah Calvert is facing a possible custody loss, as Corey Simms has filed for full custody of the twin girls.

“Everything filmed is completely real,” Jenelle revealed, adding, “They chose what goes in an episode and what’s left out.”

Of course, the producers don’t use all of the footage they get while filming. This season, Jenelle Evans announced her pregnancy during the first couple of episodes, and she was only pregnant for a few episodes before giving birth on last week’s episode of Teen Mom. In other words, nine months were crammed into a few episodes.

Jenelle isn’t providing as much drama as she once did. After giving birth to Kaiser, she has been a dedicated mother. According to The Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans made headlines this week for smoking while breastfeeding Kaiser, something which has caused quite the controversy. Some internet reports are questioning whether Child Protective Services needs to get involved.

Do you think Jenelle Evans shares her real life on Teen Mom, or do you think MTV will create drama to have an entertaining show?

[Image via Pop Culture Perversion]