‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Slammed For Smoking While Breast Feeding

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is in the spotlight again for her parenting choices, which always seem to offend someone. This time, the reality star is being criticized for smoking while breastfeeding her infant son, Kaiser.

Jenelle Evans, who loves to share posts and photos via social media, recently posted a photo of her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, napping on their couch when fans noticed a pack of cigarettes, and immediately began calling the Teen Mom out on her smoking habit.

According to a report by In Touch Weekly Magazine, Jenelle defended herself by saying that she never smokes in the house around her two sons Jace and Kaiser, but goes outside to puff away instead.

Of course, Teen Mom fans rallied, telling Jenelle that if she’s breast feeding it doesn’t matter where she smokes — there’s the fact that she’s smoking and then feeding little Kaiser what’s in her body. In addition, many are questioning the fact that if Jenelle Evans is smoking now, did she stop while pregnant with Kaiser, and if so, why start up again?

While the Teen Mom may have stopped breast feeding altogether, there are still dangers to smoking while having children. In fact, studies have shown just how dangerous second hand smoke is, as well as third hand smoke which is the smoke carried on one’s clothing and hair. This could be bad for Kaiser, considering Jenelle is likely holding him for the better part of the day.

Jenelle Evans has come a long way since she started on her Teen Mom journey, Teen Mom News points out. After some rough years of rarely seeing her son Jace, getting arrested on the regular, going to rehab, smoking a lot of marijuana, getting involved with the wrong guys like Kieffer Delp and Courtland Rogers, getting addicted to heroin, and having an abortion, the MTV reality star has settled down a bit.

Jenelle Evans’ life was once a big mess, and it seemed like she’d never settle down. However, despite the criticism that she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith have taken for their relationship, arrests, and behavior, it does seem that the Teen Mom has made big strides in controlling her life and parenting her children.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans and the rest of her co-stars will be back for season 6 in 2015, so perhaps fans will see how far she’s come while watching her grow on television.

While not everything Jenelle Evans does make all the fans happy, there’s no denying that the Teen Mom is working on herself as a person and a mother, and deserves some credit for overcoming a lot of her issues.

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