Demi Lovato Pre-Concert Accident Leaves Singer Injured: Neon Lights Tour Goes On Despite Demi’s Fall

Demi Lovato took a pre-concert tumble that left her arm in a sling late last week, but she didn’t cancel any of the performances on her Neon Lights Tour despite her injury. Before her Friday night performance in San Antonio, Texas, the singer suffered an unspecified accident that injured her arm. According to My San Antonio, that didn’t stop Demi Lovato from performing at the AT&T Center or meeting with lucky fans before the show.

This isn’t the first time that Demi Lovato has suffered such problems. In July, she posted online about getting hurt while exercising.

“Umm soooo… I guess when I went running and twisted my ankle I actually did hurt myself… AGAIN. Hahaha,” the singer wrote following the earlier mishap, seeming to indicate that she is no stranger to bumps, bruises and other misfortunes.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, sexy Demi Lovato may be a bit prone to accidents. Earlier this year, she twisted her ankle while running and posted a pic of her swollen ankle, polished red toenails, and tattooed feet online for her fans.

Demi Lovato shared a pic with her fans that demonstrated exactly how seriously she was injured during her San Antonio pre-concert tumble. In the photo, she is dressed in a comfortable plaid sweater with her arm held tightly across her body in a sling

With her typical good humor, she commented, “Welp. Looks like I won’t be playing guitar, piano OR drums tonight. San Antonio… Why did you have to go and make me fall so hard for you?!!”

Her clever use of the word “fall” led fans to believe that her arm injury was caused by her falling, even though she didn’t specifically say so.

Fortunately, pics from her September 23, 2014 performance at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, seem to show that the singer is none the worse for wear after her San Antonio mishap. Wearing a wild leather ensemble complete with metal studs, Demi Lovato sang her heart out and didn’t seem to have any difficulty raising or moving her arms during the performance. She was even able to lift her previously injured arm over her head as she moved around the Kansas City stage after singer Christina Perry warmed up the crowd for her.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi Lovato regrets feeling ashamed of her body in the past. The pretty 22-year-old singer admitted that she wishes she had spent less time drowning in insecurity. She said she remembers feeling heavy and fat during a time when she actually had protruding hipbones. Fortunately, the stunner seems to have overcome her body image dysmorphia, and she looks and feels better than ever (with the possible exception of her injured arm).

[Image via Demi Lovato Instagram]

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