‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ These Little Guys Seem To Say When In The Presence Of Barrack Obama

The President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, is surely the most powerful person on earth. He can influence nations and alter the outcome of wars, no matter where they are fought. Almost everyone who comes in contact with Mr. President leaves with a sense of awe and amazement at the grandeur of his personality and his calm sophistication, which is mixed with casual confidence. However, these effects are perhaps restricted only to adults who are aware of the man’s position and the power it yields.

For kids, Mr. Barrack Obama, is just a person. They may or may not like the man behind the seemingly larger-than-life personality. These photos prove that power, position, and crisp suits do not impress kids.

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I Don't Agree With The President And I Ain't Afraid To Show It
Who Art Thou Stranger?
I Would Rather Dream Of Fairies
Put Those Down, Before You Hurt Yourself
An Apple A Day Keeps The President Away?
*Groan* Somebody Make Him Stop. This Meeting Is Hurting My Brain
You May Make The Ladies Swoon, But You And I Have Some Serious Issues To Discuss Mr. President
Out Me Down This Instant Or I May Have To Barf On You
That Look Don't Suite You Mister
The Magic Is Happening Elsewhere

The president must be making hundreds of decisions that affect millions of people, but these kids surely aren’t impressed with Mr. Barrack Obama. They would rather spend some quality time with Mr. Barrack Obama, the lovable uncle who always wears crisp suits.

[Image Credit | Flickr]