Courteney Cox Jealous Of Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Hairdo?

By now we know that the NBC show Friends had a lot of iconic moments. One of them was Jennifer Aniston’s famous hairdo. It caused women to go out in flocks to get what everyone was calling “the Rachel.” That said, it was also the one thing that was behind castmate Courteney Cox’s jealousy — sort of.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the series premiere of Friends, Courteney attended the Jimmy Kimmel show to talk about her time on Friends. One unexpected moment came when Kimmel talked about “The Rachel” haircut, and that’s when the star admitted she was a bit bothered that people didn’t gravitate towards her hairdo.

“You know what? It kind of bums me out, why didn’t they? We had the same hairdresser. I don’t understand. I got nothing. I kept changing mine, like, ‘If you don’t like it I’ll just keep doing it,’ and they never stuck!”

Unlike some casts, these Friends have been in each other’s lives from the very beginning. When filming ended after every day, the group of six would often hang out together, which added to their on-screen chemistry. In fact, during the first season run, Cox would put together viewing parties so that they could all watch the episodes together.

“The whole cast watched, we did it every single Thursday for the first year. Mostly at mine, I provided some good snacks.”

Although there was a moment when Cox was jealous of the Aniston attention, it seems like she got over it as the two are actually very close in real life. They’ve been through it all — divorces from their husbands (Brad Pitt and David Arquette) and celebrating the good times as well.

Currently, they both have plenty to celebrate. Cox is engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid and Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to writer-actor Justin Theroux for a few years now.

Courteney has been seen out and about dining with the famous pair on multiple occasions, despite rumors that Cox dislikes that Theroux has been stalling on setting a date for the upcoming wedding.

As for other fun 20th anniversary activities, those that are in the area can hop over to the pop-up Friends inspired coffee shop Central Perk in New York City. The coffee shop will run for the month and is a replica of the staple location that was featured on the hit show over its 10 season run.

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