Lakers Buzz: Jordan Hill’s Ex-GF Suddenly Drops Domestic Violence Lawsuit

The latest Los Angeles Lakers buzz is about Jordan Hill. Apparently, the forward-center’s ex-girlfriend suddenly dropped her domestic violence lawsuit related to an alleged beating back in 2012 — just in time for the start of the NBA’s preseason games.

Hill, 27, it seems, is off the hook for a civil suit filed against him in connection with a felony assault charge back in February two years ago. TMZ, which broke the story, suggests the Lakers player and his former lover, Darlene Luna, settled the matter for an undisclosed sum of Jordan Hill’s millions. According to Basketball-Reference, Hill is set to earn $9,000,000 for the 2014-2015 season.

Buzz is, Hill entered a no-contest plea in criminal court related to claims he “beat the crap” out of Luna at her Houston, Texas apartment. There, during a heated argument, Jordan allegedly assaulted his ex by punching and choking her.

As a result of the brokered deal with his attorneys and prosecutors, Hill received a one-year sentence, which was deferred, and a $500 fine in lieu of going to prison over the assault charges.

Luna filed a civil action against the Lakers baller after retaining the services of critically-acclaimed guru of jurisprudence, Gloria Allred, known for representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the 1-percent with deep pockets.

With the lawsuit dropped, likely the result of a negotiated settlement, Jordan Hill cannot ever be sued again for anything related to the plaintiff’s charges. And apparently, as is protocol for settlements, no one is talking about any possible terms or what led to the nixing of the domestic violence lawsuit.

“The matter has been amicably resolved,” said Allred, when TMZ reached out to her over the latest buzz on the Lakers Hill’s civil matter. Jordan’s lawyers are being tight-lipped as well about the matter, now closed.

Unlike other similar matters involving professional athletes and claims of domestic violence, Jordan Hill’s case was not subject to much media scrutiny. Compared to Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson‘s alleged abuse cases, which have sparked national dialogues on violence against women, Hill’s case didn’t appear much on the radar.

Of course, cases like these are not an NFL problem, but matters of timing likely contributed to a lack of angst against Hill. Had Jordan’s case popped up in the news and social media buzz today, he would be likely watching the Los Angles Lakers’ preseason tip-off against the Denver Nuggets from the comfort of his home.

[Image via: Tumblr]