Tim Tebow The NFL Antithesis Of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson? Rush Limbaugh Says He ‘Just Can’t Play’ QB

Tim Tebow would be good for the game, but no one is willing to accept him as a quarterback. But in a time when the NFL is becoming known for bad examples like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, Rush Limbaugh might agree that Tebow is the NFL antithesis for these other men, but insists the latter play just can’t handle the quarterback position at the NFL level.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Tim Tebow has NFL teams “interested” in his return to the field, but Jim Theisman insists Tim “can’t throw the football.” Regardless of his debated ability, many fantasy football fans have been adding Tebow to their lineup and is extremely popular to this day.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has recently been the target of critics for the way he’s handled the cases of domestic abuse. Ray Rice’s wife, Janay Rice, is furious that her husband was suspended indefinitely without pay even after they underwent a police investigation for their elevator fight and the NFL already punished Rice once (albeit, only with a two day suspension). While some believe Rice should never be allowed to play football again, he does have supporters like Charles Barkley and Michael Vick.

Some fans are a bit upset that Tim Tebow has been kept off the field, while poor examples of character like Rice, Adrian Peterson, Johnathan Dwyer, Jack Elway, and others have seemingly been welcomed with open arms in the NFL until the bubbling issue of domestic violence finally boiled over. This had one Rush Limbaugh caller highlighting the stark difference in attitude.

“I find it such an interesting juxtaposition that with all this going on with the Ray Rices, the Adrian Petersons, and like you mentioned earlier in the past, people like Ray Lewis, with all of those problems that they have, and yet no one on the planet remains more radioactive to an NFL owner than Tim Tebow, someone who is the exact opposite of everything that’s going on, everything he stands for.”

While Limbaugh agreed with the main point, he did poke a hole in the argument by claiming Tebow simply can’t handle the NFL.

“I don’t want to destroy your moment here ’cause it’s a brilliant point. I mean, Tim Tebow is a model citizen. I mean, he is the antithesis of — the NFL wishes it had a league full of Tim Tebows who could play. Tim Tebow is insistent that he’s gonna be a quarterback and nothing else, and the experts, the coaches have determined he just can’t play that position at the NFL level. He doesn’t want to be a tight end. He doesn’t want to be a linebacker. He wants to be a quarterback.”

In the past, it’s been suggested that Tim Tebow was “blackballed” from the NFL over his Christian beliefs and the overwhelming media hype it generated, not his actual playing ability. This popularity continues to this day, and it’s said the SEC Nation crew had to hire extra security just to protect Tim from the hundreds of devoted followers.

This fact had one writer at the Orlando Sentinel suggesting in the past that if Tebow were gay like Michael Sam, then all would be forgiven.

“Tebowing was too over-the-top for his critics, though he was hardly the first player to kneel and pray on the sideline. Many of the people who said Tebow should pipe down are now encouraging Sam to speak up. And sure enough, the same people who were telling Tebow to rock on are now saying Sam should keep to himself. That’s the new definition of tolerance. It’s ok to celebrate anything as long as you agree with it.”

Of course, Sam is sitting on the NFL sidelines himself. Currently, Sam is with the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, and is not serving in any role during actual games. Apparently, St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher felt Sam had NFL caliber talent… just not good enough for the Ram, which already had a stacked defense lineup. But that may have been political correctness at work since the Rams didn’t even want to keep Sam for their practice squad.

But it’s very difficult to compare Tim Tebow’s stats against Michael Sam, since the latter has not had a real chance to prove himself yet. Supporters of Tebow do point out that the former quarterback was actually not that bad despite his much-maligned throwing game. His running game was also quite formidable compared to other NFL quarterbacks, although this ability required a team to adjust their strategy to Tebow’s strengths.

Do you think Tim Tebow is a good enough quarterback for the NFL?

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