Kate Middleton Baby Bump: Watch Already On For Duchess Kate’s Growing Belly

Kate Middleton may only be a few weeks pregnant with baby No. 2, but her tiny baby bump has already made its debut and the attention to her growing frame is building.

The Duchess of Cambridge announced a few weeks ago that she and Prince William will be having another baby. Duchess Kate is once again suffering the effects of severe morning sickness, which has kept her inside more frequently as she receives treatment for dehydration.

Because of the illness, Kate Middleton has also had to cut back on public appearances, canceling some planned visits and depriving followers the chance to see her baby bump as it grows.

But Duchess Kate and Prince William recently enjoyed a night out, visiting the King’s Head pub.

“Locals were stunned to see the royal couple saunter in and sit at a quiet table in the corner,” a source told Radar Online.

Sources say Kate Middleton and Prince Williams were able to eat undisturbed for most of their meal.

“Towards the end of the meal, a couple of stunned locals introduced themselves to the royal couple and shook their hands,” the source added.

The outing also produced one of the first glimpses of Kate Middleton’s baby hump, which was still so tiny that Radar Online needed a highlighted area to point to where it would be (the picture can be seen here).

But other outlets believe the pressure on Kate Middleton is already too great. The Stir noted that Radar Online focused heavily on Duchess Kate’s thin frame and her overall appearance.

The outlet noted:

The Duchess is a thin woman to begin with (whether you think she’s “too skinny” or not is your issue, not hers), so it doesn’t come as a shock that she isn’t walking around right now looking like she’s ready to pop. She’s probably around eight or nine weeks at this point — and again, there’s the whole hyperemesis gravidarum thing. Does anyone look especially plump after not being able to keep anything down for weeks?

But as Kate Middleton gets further in her pregnancy and the baby bump grows, the attention is only likely to grow even more.

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