Kylie Jenner Upset About Parents’ Divorce? Kris and Bruce’s Youngest Daughter Goes Silent On Twitter

If you’ve been Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it won’t come as a surprise that Kris Jenner finally filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years, Bruce Jenner, on Monday. While there has been quite a buzz about Kris filing divorce papers today, the couple’s youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, has been unusually quiet on social media.

Kylie, who currently has over 12 million followers on Instagram and over 7 million Twitter followers, has not posted on either social media site since Sunday. On a normal day, the teen posts loads of photos and tweets several times a day, but on Monday she was silent. Is it possible Kylie, 17, is upset about the fact that her parents are getting a divorce or is she just trying to avoid the online gossip?

According to TMZ, Kris and Bruce Jenner will have joint custody of Kylie until she turns 18 next August. Kylie’s older sister Kendall will be 19 in November, so her name was not listed on the divorce papers that Kris Jenner reportedly filed on September 22.

There is no doubt that the news of the divorce is upsetting to both Kylie and Kendall, but it’s likely they’ve known this would happen for many months. Almost one year ago, Kris Jenner told US Weekly that she and her husband were living apart, but there was “no animosity” between the two.

Since then, Bruce Jenner has displayed some rather odd behavior, fueling rumors that he was transforming himself into a woman, with sources telling The Daily Mail that he prefers to be called “Bridget.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenner was recently spotted at an LA Starbucks sporting shaved legs, short shorts, and a high pony tail. His quirky behavior could be one of the reasons that Kris Jenner finally filed for divorce, but it seems that the couple drifted apart years ago when the Momager of the Kardashian clan started spending more time working on business deals than her marriage.

TMZ reports that the divorce papers filed at the LA Superior Courthouse on Monday state that neither Bruce or Kris will get spousal support or child support. Kylie Jenner is the only minor left now that Kendall is an adult and Bruce’s four children from previous relationships are grown.

Do you think Kylie is upset about her parents officially splitting up or is she just quiet on social media so she doesn’t have to deal with KUWTK fans talking about the divorce?