Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd Are ‘Neighbors From Hell’ Alleges Bartender

Lisa Vanderpump and hubby Ken Todd are, according to at least one local employee near to their L.A. Hotspot, PUMP, badly behaved and are terrible neighbors.

Radar Online reported today that the unsurprising allegations come from Josh Romine, a bartender at Mother Lode, the oldest gay bar in West Hollywood, situated right next to PUMP.

By way of an example, Romine told the publication about an incident just the day before.

“Yesterday Ken Todd was walking by and he threw a nickel at me. He said to me ‘catch that!'”

According to the bartender, this is by no means the first time he has had occasion to be more than a little irritated with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her hubby.

“About a month ago Ken and Lisa were walking by Mother Lode and they threw a receipt at me. Lisa just laughed,” he said.

The bad behavior was only compounded by the standard name-calling that Romine says is quite common and even expected, “I overheard that they referred to us all as “riff-raff,” Romine told Radar Online.

It’s no secret that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are not the kind of people you want to deal with in the restaurant business — or any other business for that matter. They have a long string of lawsuits already from disgruntled staff across their restaurants, including SUR and Villa Blanca.

Previous reports have alleged that Ricardo Velasco, a former employee at Villa Bianca, sued the couple in 2012 for a few different things, including disability discrimination and wrongful termination, with Velasco being awarded a “lump sum” of money after he agreed that the case could be dismissed.

Another employee of the celebrity couple, Karina Bustillo, sued former manager Michael Govina for sexual harassment and was reportedly awarded a six-figure judgment in the case.