Who Rescued Who? How Xena The Abused Pit Bull Turned Life Around For An Autistic Kid

Dogs have time and again proven to be one of the best companions for kids and adults alike. These lovable creatures more often than not offer unconditional love to their owners and anyone who is willing to offer them any affection. However, the same isn’t normally said about pit bulls. This breed is often feared and hated for their alleged aggressive nature, but not all pit bulls are hungry for throats.

Pit bull activists have tried to educate the masses that any breed can become aggressive. They have been crying hoarse not to single out the pit bull breed only because the media constantly reports grievous injuries that are reportedly caused by this hefty-looking breed. Pit bull advocates stress that it is the treatment meted out to dogs which makes them aggressive. However, despite the inhuman suffering that many pit bulls undergo, as reported by The Inquisitr, some still offer nothing but love in return. None could be a better example than Xena.

As a pup, Xena was brutally abused, and when rescued, was little more than a bag of bones. Her rescuers were astonished not by her condition, but by her strong will to survive. Despite being barely able to stand, Xena managed to survive right till the moment rescuers from Dekalb Animal Services found the poor female pit bull passed out in the yard of a home in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Though the rescuers were skeptical about Xena making it through the night, she started showing signs of improvement. Encouraged by her response, the rescuers put up a Facebook page and soon they received thousands of wishes and hundreds of request to adopt “Xena The Warrior Puppy,” as she was often referred.

The adoption center finally landed on the Hickeys. Grant and Linda Hickey had just received a distressing prognosis about their baby boy’s poor pace of development. Young Jonny Hickey was diagnosed with autism, a condition that inhibits normal growth, and as a result, stunts social functions too.

Jonny displayed almost all the major signs of autism, from limiting external contact to regular outbursts of anger. Though the Hickeys claimed to have spent thousands of dollars, they said little Jonny didn’t show much signs of improvement, this is, until the time Xena walked into his life, on all fours.

A healthy Xena, a pit bull that had been severely abused as a puppy, didn’t show any signs of aggression. Instead, she brought out the best in Jonny. Now 2-years-old, Xena and Jonny are inseparable, and needless to say, both are doing very well, reported SFG. While Jonny’s autism is well within control, Xena’s just immensely happy to have found a loving home, one that adores her.

[Image Credit | YouTube Screen Grabs, Facebook]