Jessica Simpson Says She’s Done Having Kids, Happy With Being A Newlywed

Jessica Simpson is apparently fine with just two overly adorable kids.

The singer and actress, who has two kids under the age of three with husband Eric Johnson, recently told Ryan Seacrest that they don’t have plans for any more kids.

“Oh, we are done,” said Simpson, who is mom to 2-year-old daughter Maxwell and 14-month-old son Ace. “I say we’re done. I don’t want to accidentally get pregnant one day and then that poor kid feels like it wasn’t meant to be or something. We’ve got the girl and we’ve got the boy.”

Her statement confirmed what another source had told Hollywood Life earlier in the summer.

“In their eyes, their family is perfect,” the source said. “For Jessica and Eric right now, they are not trying for any more kids, she will only get pregnant by accident. Don’t expect any baby news anytime soon. They are happy with what they have right now.”

Jessica and Eric got married in July after dating for several years. Simpson told Ryan Seacrest that she’s happy in the new phase of the relationship.

“We have felt like ever since we got married, we’ve been kind of living on this honeymoon,” she said. “Life is better.”

It’s good that Jessica is enjoying her ongoing honeymoon because the couple cut their actual honeymoon short to be back with their kids. The couple took a brief visit to Mexico after their wedding, a trip insiders said was planned on the fly.

“They decided to go last-minute,” a source told People magazine.

Jessica’s declaration about no more kids cleared up some of the conflicting reports that had been circulating this summer. There had been rumors that Jessica wanted to get pregnant again before she got married, but Jessica Simpson herself dropped hints that this wasn’t true. She had posted pictures of her kids on Instagram and included the hashtag “No More Kids.”

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Women’s Health]