Is Jessica Simpson Getting Married On July 4th Weekend, And Trying To Get Pregnant?

Jessica Simpson might be getting married next month, specifically on July 4 weekend. According to OK! Magazine, Simpson is not only getting ready to (finally) walk down the aisle, but she is also supposedly trying to get pregnant — and she’s going to announce it to her wedding guests. Many find this hard to believe because she already has two kids and she just lost a ton of weight.

An insider shared:

“Jess is hoping to be a few weeks along by her wedding day and walk down the aisle pregnant. Her plan is to share the exciting news with all their guests after they sit down to dinner! Having three kids under 3 years old isn’t something most women would sign up for. But since Jess has gotten back into great shape, she actually thinks it’ll help her handle the pregnancy weight better the third time around. The truth is that she was always scared that she’d never get her body back, but now that she has, she knows it is possible.”

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have been engaged for three years. Each time they planned to get married, Jessica got pregnant. She even joked about it several times saying that she kept “getting knocked up.” And Jess isn’t done having kids — at least that’s what a “pal” told OK!

“Jessica and Eric have talked about having at least four kids. It helps that Eric is so amazing with their children. She’s relishing being a mother, and as Ace gets bigger, she’s missing holding a little baby. She’s anxious to have another now because she doesn’t feel like she has a lot of time to waste.”

Obviously Jessica’s wedding is going to be amazing — she’s going all out in every way. And, naturally, everyone wants to know about her dress! The singer is so excited about her gown (said to have cost $200,000). According to The Belfast Telegraph, Jess helped design the dress.

A source shared:

“Jessica is being incredibly secretive about her gown. One of her biggest weight-loss motivators has been looking great in her wedding dress. She’s actually helped design it, and one thing is for sure: it will not be traditional! Though Ashlee [Simpson, her sister] tends to be the edgy one and Jessica usually hews more to her Southern roots, she wants to surprise everyone with something entirely different this time around.”

Jessica Simpson is really excited to get married but her wedding planning hasn’t been completely easy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jessica’s parents, Tina and Joe, don’t get along. Simpson is hoping, however, that they will be able to put their differences aside for her big day.

Let the countdown begin!

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