Jessica Simpson Babies: Are Jessica And Eric Johnson Done Having Kids?

Jessica Simpson isn’t having any more babies, at least that is what she said on Twitter this weekend. The newlywed already has two children with her husband, Eric Johnson, and apparently that’s enough for her. While hanging out with a friend’s baby, Simpson made it clear that she’s done having babies of her own. Having children and raising them is a lot of work, and with two toddlers in the house, well that’s definitely tiring.

Jessica Simpson loves her babies, but two is more than enough for her — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Simpson and Johnson had their two kids one right after the next, and while they both wanted a “big” family, things change. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Jessica won’t get pregnant in the future — she could decide to have another baby in a couple of years when Maxwell and Ace are a little older.

A source recently shared (via Hollywood Life):

“In their eyes, their family is perfect. For Jessica and Eric right now, they are not trying for any more kids, she will only get pregnant by accident. Don’t expect any baby news anytime soon. They are happy with what they have right now.”

Jessica Simpson’s daughter would like more babies — she’s at that age now where babies are fascinating to her and she loves playing with her baby dolls. Check out this post that Jess put on Instagram:

The hashtag that Simpson included with her “no more babies” post also suggested that another baby wouldn’t be completely out of the question — she said that her kids want another baby.

Simpson and Johnson got married over Fourth of July weekend, and are currently on their honeymoon. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there were reports that Jessica wanted to get pregnant again before she got married. Evidently those rumors weren’t true, as evidenced by Jess’ recent tweet. It was reported that she and Eric wanted to have four kids… and that still may be the case, but it’s not going to happen right away. Jess and Eric likely want to enjoy their time as newlyweds with their two kids, and if they have a baby in the future, so be it. They aren’t actively trying, though, so don’t expect any kind of baby news any time soon.

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Women’s Health]