Hope Solo The Ray Rice Of Soccer? Domestic Violence Arrest Was For Alleged Assault Of Nephew And Sister

Critics are pointing out that the situation with U.S. women’s national team player Hope Solo may share a resemblance to the domestic violence case of Ray Rice, who initially only suffered a two day suspension and kept all his sponsors. The NFL only changed its punishment after the elevator fight video went public, and sponsors like Nike followed suit. But as the NFL grapples with the issue of how to handle cases of domestic violence, some say the world of soccer should have to face the music, as well.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some fans argue that Tim Tebow is the NFL antithesis of Ray Rice and other bad examples, but while everyone agrees Tebow is a great guy, the argument over stats and his throwing arm still is considered a bigger issue.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Solo family has been involved in a domestic violence case. A 911 recording has Marcus Solo, Hope’s brother, calling 911 to request medical assistance.

“There was a little fight inside the house,” Solo said. “And she got thrown to the ground, and she might have dislocated her hip.”

Marcus had a bruise under his left eye, as well as blood on his forehead and knees, and his sister Hope had a bloody elbow. Although they weren’t married yet, Hope’s husband Jerramy Stevens was found hiding under the bed. Police arrested Stevens and detectives claimed the 911 recording had Marcus telling Hope they’d “lie to police” in order to protect Stevens. In the end, no one in the Solo family wanted to point out the culprit, and Steven was let go.

After that incident, Hope Solo said, “I’m happy … I’m happily married. I would never stand for domestic violence. I’ve never been hit in my life. My life is great.”

These words may come back to haunt the Solo family since it’s claimed that Hope assaulted her 17-year-old nephew and half-sister. As The Inquisitr previously reported, this is how the alleged assault occurred.

“She appeared to have been drinking and drank wine for some time with her half-sister. Solo later grew upset with her nephew over a misunderstanding, then reportedly insulted him, calling him ‘too fat and overweight and crazy.’ The nephew told her to get out of the house and went into another room.

“Solo reportedly followed him and the two got into an argument that allegedly escalated as Solo ‘charged’ at him and took a swing at him. They then tussled on the ground and she ‘repeatedly punched him in the face and tackled him.’ The nephew grabbed her by the hair and held her to the ground until she appeared to calm down, at which point she reportedly grabbed his hair and pulled him back down, punching him some more, according to the incident report.

“Solo’s half-sister arrived and tried to break up the fight, but Solo reportedly turned her aggression to her and punched her in the face ‘several times.’”

The story of Hope Solo’s domestic violence case has resurfaced in the public’s scrutiny even as NFL stars like Ray Rice, Jonathan Dwyer, and Adrian Peterson have been punished due to their actions. Sponsors have also similarly dropped these players, but Hope Solo retains her contract with Nike and also continues to play soccer. While U.S. Soccer is not as popular as the NFL with Americans, but some fans on Twitter have begun to notice the difference in the response to the accusation of domestic violence.

Although Hope Solo claimed she was not guilty in court, she also publicly apologized for the domestic violence arrest and vowed to do better. Solo is hoping to recover from the assault charges, and the trial date was set for November of 2014.

[Image via Time]