Hope Solo 911 Call Tapes Released [Audio]

On the day before her wedding, Hope Solo watched as her soon-to-be husband was arrested for domestic violence. The tapes from the call that led to Jerramy Stevens arrest have now been released.

According to ABC, Stevens, a 32-year-old former tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, was arrested on November 12 for fourth degree domestic violence. Stevens was allegedly fighting with his future wife when the argument turned violent.

Marcus Solo, Hope’s brother, ended up calling 911 to request medical assistance.

Marcus says on the call: “There was a little fight inside the house, and she got thrown to the ground, and she might have dislocated her hip.”

Marcus was not referring to Hope during that portion of the call but to another unidentified woman. Marcus later tells the dispatcher that there was a “physical altercation” at the house and that “an innocent bystander got hurt.”

Marcus is vague with details on the 911 call and was even more hazy when police arrived.

The officers noticed that Marcus Solo had a bruise under his left eye, as well as blood on his forehead and knees, and his sister Hope Solo had a bloody elbow. Police thought that Jerramy Stevens, who was found “hiding” behind the bed, was responsible for the injuries but no one at the house would point a finger at the culprit.

When Marcus was asked about the instigator by the dispatcher, he replies: “We won’t go there. Just please get here.”

Yard Barker reports that Stevens was arrested but police eventually released him due to a lack of evidence.

Marcus and Hope Solo, Stevens, and the other guests at the house at the time of the incident claimed that a group of uninvited strangers came to the gathering and started a fight. The officers found the story implausible but didn’t have any evidence to convict Stevens. Detective T. Davidson wrote in his report that Marcus can be heard on the 911 tape telling his sister that they will “lie to police” in order to protect Stevens.

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens were married just a few hours after his release.

Solo said: “I’m happy … I’m happily married. I would never stand for domestic violence. I’ve never been hit in my life. My life is great.”

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