Jennifer Lopez: New ‘Booty’ Video Is Supposed To Be More ‘Class’ Than Trash, But Is It? [Video]

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for the song “Booty,” featuring Iggy Azalea, is supposed to be classy, but is it? A regular grind-fest, Jennifer’s new video features Lopez and Azalea shaking, gyrating, and rubbing on each other throughout.

Iggy Azalea told Access Hollywood what she thought about the video.

“I think it’s a little bit more kind of upscale and almost like editorial.”

Jennifer Lopez, in turn, ran with Azalea’s comment.

“‘Editorial,’ that was kind of like the buzz word. ‘Editorial,’ like a beautiful kind of magazine cover. Keep it very beautiful and sexy, but classy.”

The video starts with a warning, telling the viewer to standby for a countdown. When the music actually starts, the screen is filled with Lopez and Azalea wearing swimming suits and rubbing their rear ends together. The remainder of the video is primarily a skin fest. Yes, the photography is amazing and both Jennifer and Iggy are in amazing shape — there’s no question — but as far as the video recalling a “classy” upscale magazine cover… again, the question arises, exactly which magazine was Lopez thinking of?

It’s hard not to watch Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty” video and wonder if it’s a reaction to “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj or any of Miley Cyrus’ recent exploits on and off stage. Though she’s a powerful singer, much of J. Lo’s appeal over the last few decades has been sex appeal, and at 45, the star isn’t getting any younger, (though she still looks fantastic). Still, it makes you wonder if a video like “Booty” isn’t an attempt to grab a bit of the spotlight away from much younger singers.

MTV News asked Jennifer Lopez why everyone in music these days seems to be so obsessed with derrieres.

“Everything comes in and out of fashion at times, and it’s just our time, women with a big booty.”

As to working with Iggy Azalea, Jennifer had nothing but praise for the rising star.

“She’s such a pro and she handles it so well, that you can tell she’s just gonna be around for a very long time. It’s just – it’s great to see.”

Azalea, in turn, looks to Lopez as a mentor.

“She’s given me so much good advice, but I think just seeing her continue to have success… and, [you] genuinely enjoy your life, makes me feel so encouraged to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Here’s the video for Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty,” featuring Iggy Azalea.

[Image via The New York Daily News]