Miley Cyrus Stirs Things Up Again With Naked Pose And Raunchy Mexico Performance

Miley Cyrus is stirring up new controversy for herself. A new naked photo shoot and a raunchy Mexico concert performance have people buzzing about the young pop star this week. According to the New York Post, a photo of Miley naked is in the latest issue of V Magazine. Miley lays on a pile of stuffed animals in the photo.

Karl Lagerfeld snapped the photo of the singer, and he used a quote about Cyrus liking to “provoke” people with her outrageous actions. Miley also spoke out about her outrageous behavior.

“I know that I’m not a pop pop dumb dumb. I’m a lot more than someone who just goes and shakes her a** onstage. I think it’s kind of funny to mess with people and rile them up, because I’m actually the most chill person and it’s just funny to watch the world get out of their minds over things that are so irrelevant and don’t matter.”

Miley certainly did rile people up at a concert stop for her Bangerz Tour on Tuesday night. Miley’s tour made a stop in Monterrey, Mexico, and the singer did not hold back on her performance. According to Us Weekly, Mexican authorities issued a warrant for Miley’s arrest following Cyrus’ actions on stage.

What action has the Mexican authorities so mad? During one of her songs, Cyrus wore a fake butt and had one of her male dancers use the Mexican flag to spank and floss the fake butt. This concert took place on Mexican Independence Day, so Mexican authorities found another reason to be angry with Cyrus. There are laws against desecrating the Mexican flag and other national symbols.

CNN spoke with Francisco Treviño, who did not hold back on his thoughts when it came to Miley Cyrus’ performance on Tuesday.

“I felt truly offended and annoyed by the fact that a foreign artist feels like she can come here and make fun of and mock our national flag on Independence Day, September 16th. She brazenly made fun of our flag.”

Cyrus did perform another concert on Wednesday night in the city, and that concert did not feature the Mexican flag in any way. The damage was done during Tuesday night’s performance, though. The Mexican state legislature voted on Wednesday to condemn Cyrus for her actions. The legislature wants Miley fined $1,270 for the desecration of their flag, and she could spend 36 hours in jail if the investigation continues. The Nuevo Leon state legislature already passed along a warrant for the singer’s arrest.

This month has been a busy one for the singer when it comes to her out there behavior. The Inquisitr previously reported on the singer’s art show in New York City. Miley’s artwork features sex toys and illegal drugs, and she often shares photos of her art work on Instagram. After the showing, her artwork will appear in the offices of V Magazine.

Miley Cyrus is known for her outrageous behavior. Her antics onstage and in the media have earned the 21-year-old pop singer plenty of attention. Judging from the comments she made in her new V Magazine interview, it appears that Miley does not plan to stop her antics anytime soon.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’ latest outrageous behavior?

[Photos: Miley Cyrus Instagram]