Handicapped Writer Publishes Open Letter To Kanye West

By now, you probably know that Kanye West belittled two fans bound to wheelchairs at his concert in Australia. During the concert, West told them he couldn’t start the next song until they stood up. He refused to believe they were handicapped, and made his security guard check to see that they were telling the truth before starting his song.

After the media firestorm that occurred from the embarrassing moment, which was captured on video, West didn’t apologize. Instead, he made himself out to be the victim. The rapper believes this was merely the media’s way of targeting him, and that he’s a good Christian man. It was typical Kanye, and it’s the type of arrogance even his fans expect at this point.

The unexpected part comes from a wheelchair bound writer, who rightfully dragged West down back to earth in a bold open letter. A stroke survivor named Harshada Rajani wrote a letter on The Huffington Post titled, “Open Letter to Kanye West, From a Kid Who Gets ‘Special Parking and S**t.’”

His letter is penned in a sarcastic, and condemning tone.

“You are a consummate performer who just needed to put those lazy, unappreciative fans in their place. You are an intelligent man so you obviously deserved to ask them for proof of their alleged disability.”

The writer deconstructed Kanye West’s excuse that he’s just a victim of the media making up stories and misconstruing the truth.

“There is no video that clearly shows you totally humiliating and patronizing two of your loyal fans, while a whole entire stadium laughs at and taunts them. Oh wait… there are numerous videos that show exactly that. In fact, media outlets like E! News and MTV News have euphemistically portrayed this as an ‘awkward moment’ or ‘misunderstanding.’ So wait, the media has actually been much nicer to you than the ugly truth of the video. Mr. West, with all due respect, I don’t think this argument is working anymore.”

In an effort to convince West’s followers, or perhaps West himself, that what he did was obscene, the writer took another angle, and focused on the hypocrisy of what West often preaches about — discrimination.

“If it was discrimination based on race or ethnicity, you would definitely apologize…Disabled people obviously don’t deserve to be treated with an equal amount of respect and dignity as your able-bodied fans. Thank you so much for showing us this unforgettable lesson, and for using your voice to spread this poisonous insensitivity to the world!”

So far people have reacted positively to Rajani’s words, and for good reason. It’s about time Kanye received a humble serving that isn’t in the form of a promo opportunity.

[Image via Carl Bjorklund / Shutterstock.com]