Cursing Barbie Doll Is ‘Off The Hook,’ Mattel Dismisses Video Of Talkin’ Barbie Dropping The F-Bomb

Claims of a cursing Barbie doll is just “off the hook” according to toy maker Mattel, who believes the accusations by mom Talina Evans have no merit.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a video shows the Mattel showcase doll sounding more like trailer-trash Barbie than a valley girl. The 25-year-old mom lives in Wales, and she says the Barbie’s “cursing” and usage of the F-word caused her to take the toy from her daughter, Demileigh.

“[Demileigh] had wanted the doll for a while so my dad bought it for her, and I let her have it. She loved it and has been playing with it constantly ever since. We hadn’t really paid that much attention to it or what it was saying,” Evans said. “We just told her that the doll had been bad and was swearing so it had to go. She was disappointed, of course, but she understood that it is wrong to swear and so the doll had to go.”

Manufacturer Mattel has responded to the accusations that Dreamhouse Talkin’ Barbie is saying, “What the f**k.” Evans says she “couldn’t believe her ears,” and Mattel rep Alex Clark would agree. “I can tell you definitively that this is not a phrase Mattel would knowingly allow any of our dolls to use,” he said. Instead of cursing, Barbie is apparently using the phrase “off the hook,” which comes from the internet video series “Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse!,” upon which the doll is based.

“It’s understandable that the phrase may be heard differently by some who are not familiar with the show,” Clark said.

The Barbie doll has not received any other complaints about dropping the F-bomb, although Amazon user reviews do note complaints about the “tinny” sound of Barbie’s voice. It’s speculated that the audio distortion may cause some to interpret “off the hook” as sounding like “what the f**k.”