Scotland Will Probably Fail, But Should Secede, Here Is Why [Opinion]

Scotland is voting on whether to secede or continue to be a slave in the “United Kingdom”. Scotland’s vote for independence is at hand. It is the “Vote ‘Yes’” campaign versus the “Better Together” campaign. A Mel Gibson’s William Wallace Vs. King Edward ‘Longshanks’ battle royale comes to mind.

To every Scot, I apologize for the accent being played out in my mind because I can not produce it with my mouth. I digress.

Anyways, it is a very intriguing notion that they are pondering. Scotland certainly has had a tumultuous past starting with its initial adoption of British stewardship around 1286. Since then, it has been an on again-off again relationship filled with death, occasional treaties and despair that spanned over 728 years.

It is true that Scotland seems to make waves about independence, only to fail miserably at achieving it. For example, they made a loud drum beat led attempt in the 1970s. Most people, including myself, did not even recall hearing about it. Time Magazine, however, did and reported about it:

Polls at the time found that 17% of Scots wanted complete independence and 85% wanted self-governance without a split. By the end of the following year, Prime Minister Harold Wilson had announced that there could be a vote in Parliament delegating some of its duties to the regional governments in Scotland and Wales.

What happened? Well, a mere 33 percent of Scotland actually voted ‘Yes’, in favor of splitting from dear olde England. So, in essence, it was a mere tease. A few Scottish floozies merely flirting, but not giving. So, why would they want to go through it again? Independence is a natural human yearning, and a natural right. As an American, obviously, I have a certain sympathetic bend to such an idea. Now certainly, economics should be discussed. So, here we go.

Buckle up.

According to the UK Telegraph, there is a heavy weight against the Scots in their economic independence. They have a lot of oil, but it is in decline. So, certainly their notion that they can ride on the top of oil spout to indefinite independence seems quite unlikely, but so what? America did not have gold paved roads to it’s independence either.

After all, it was not like America defeated Britain and suddenly became prosperous. In fact we struggled, cash strapped and facing rebellion again, but we struggled and succeeded. If Scotland has the courage of William Wallace in their bellies, and eventually adopt a capitalistic and constitutional sense of independence, they will ride to victory.

If there would be anything that would be sound advice, look to America or another even remotely like her. Look to history and study the mistakes of the past and present. If Scotland could learn from the past, then its future certainly looks bright. They have more advantage then some Middle Eastern or depressed African countries do. I am sure there are some that are jealous of the opportunity Scotland has.

So, it is economics versus emotions. I do not normally endorse emotions over logic, but Scottish independence is a long time in coming. It failed so many times it was tried because of an old and decaying system of monarchal and oligarchical societies.

In an independence free of imperialism, with treaties and cooperation from other nations, Scotland will succeed. It is true, in my humble opinion and history’s, that the social democratic society they seem to seek will cause failure and potential economic depression.

However, if they allow themselves to look ahead at the bigger picture, Scotland’s independence is a good thing. It is the best thing. In a world of decaying empires and yearnings of independent societies led by the people, not kings, Scotland would do well to “Vote ‘Yes’.”

The advantage they have over Mr. Wallace is modern day Scotland merely needs to will it and vote it into being. Granted, they will need to fight to keep it and grow it. S0, what will it be, Scotland? We will find out within hours. I mean honestly…

…What is the worst that can happen? Scotland gives away independence and goes crawling back to England?

[ Images Via Mentalfloss And Wikimedia Commons ]